If you're looking to give your daughter an elegant and tasteful name, peruse this list of French baby names for girls. From Bernadette to Margeaux to Mathilde, there are plenty of beautiful options you'll love for your daughter.

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  • AnnetteAnnette is a French moniker given to girls. The denomination is defined to mean merciful and gracious.
  • Philomine This title is often awarded to female offspring of French extraction. Philomine is derived from the Greek filo, which means friend or trusted loved one.
  • MarcelineFrench parents sometimes name their daughters Marceline. The translation of this moniker means young warrior or combatant.
  • Lourdes Religious adults might name their female French children Lourdes. The moniker is bestowed in recognition of the small French village where the Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared in 1858.
  • GenevieveGenevieve is a title awarded to French girls. In literal terms, the designation is defined as women of the race.
  • Bernadette This is a French girl's name. The denomination means brave. One of the more famous Frenchwoman given this name was Bernadette Sobirous. Sobirous, who was later beatified as Saint Bernadette was the woman believed to have seen a vision of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes.
  • Felicia Felicia is a name bestowed upon French girls. The designation means of great happiness.
  • Axelle Axelle is a title commonly awarded to French girls. The moniker is translated to mean of peace. One of the name's more notable holders is French Canadian politician Axelle Lemaire.
  • Anouk This is a popular name French parents hand down to their daughters. It means grace. One of the more famous namesakes in French actress Anouk Aimee.
  • SolangeSolange is a moniker bestowed upon French girls. In French, the name is translated to mean solemn or religious.
  • Fleurine Fleurine is French girl's name. The designation's definition is little flower.
  • Bijou Bijou is a popularly emerging name given to French girls. When translated from French, the denomination means jewel.
  • Aeryn Aeryn is a classic French name parents might bestow upon their daughters. It means air.
  • Oceane Oceane is title sometimes handed down to French girls. The name means ocean. A noted modern holder of this designation is burgeoning French tennis star Oceane Dodin.
  • Mathilde This moniker is a French girl's name. The moniker is translated as one who is strong or powerful in battle.
  • Margeaux French parents might choose to name their female offspring Margeaux. The title means pearl. One of its more famous sharers is the late supermodel and granddaughter of legendary writer Ernest Hemmingway, Margeaux Hemmingway.
  • Eveline Eveline is a denomination given to French girls. The name means hardworking.
  • ColetteThis is a relatively common name handed down to French girls. The moniker is translated to mean a victorious individual.
  • AnaisAnais is a French girl's name. In the French language, the title is defined to mean gracious or graceful. Amongst its most famous namesakes is the famous, late French writer Anais Nin.
  • AlizeFrench parents might opt to name their daughters this popular name. The moniker means joy and noble woman. One modern namesake is French tennis player Alize Cornet.
  • VivienneVivienne is a common French girl's name. The title means alive or lively.
  • JosephineThis is a historic French name given to girls. In French, Josephine, a female version of Joseph, translates to God will increase. One of the designation's most famous holders was Josephine Bonaparte, French empress and wife of the famous dictator Napolean Bonaparte.
  • IsabelleIsabelle is a quite common moniker bestowed upon French girls. Its literal definition is God's promise.
  • Chantal This somewhat common name is given to French girls. It means Stone. However, the moniker grew in popularity after Jeanne de Chantal was named a Catholic saint.
  • BrigitteBrigitte is a powerful and popular French girl's name. The designation is defined to mean woman of high stature. Arguably, one of its most famous namesakes is celebrated French actresses Brigitte Bardot.

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