From Jacques to Olivier to Pierre, French baby names for boys have a distinct air of elegance. If you envision your son becoming a refined and tasteful human, you'll want to select an appropriate name. Take a look at this list of French baby names for boys and select the perfect option for your son.

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  • Thibault This denomination is awarded French boys. French translation states the name means courageous. Moreover, there are several accepted spellings of the moniker.
  • Maxime Parents might choose to title their sons Maxime. The name means the strongest. Many well-known French entertainers share this moniker.
  • Gael Gael is a name handed down to French boys. The moniker carries the meaning gracious Lord. One noted and current celebrity possessing this title is French tennis star Gael Monfils.
  • Aurelien Aurelien is a French boy's name. The title means golden and is pronounced Oar-el-ee-yen.
  • Olivier French parents often favor the name Olivier for male offspring. The moniker is defined to mean from the olive tree. Historians maintain that the title first emerged in popularity during the 1970s and still remains a French favorite today.
  • JacquesThis common French name is often bestowed upon French boys. In French, the designation is defined as one who replaces. Many famous Frenchmen share this label, most notably famous explorer Jacques Cousteau. Sometimes, the name is abbreviated as Jac.
  • Etienne Etienne is a French's boys designation. It means crown and is pronounced Et-tee-un.
  • FredericFrederic is a title bestowed French males. In actual terms, the denomination is defined to mean peaceful ruler.
  • Henri Henri is an exceptionally popular honorific French parents give their sons. This name means ruler. The title is a derivative of the English denomination Henry.
  • Louis This is another quite common French boy's name. It means brave overseer. Numerous figures in French history have shared the title including the famous Kings Louis XIV and XVI.
  • Luc Luc is a name bestowed upon French boys. In French, the honorific means the light. A well-known public figure to hold this title is retired French-Canadian hockey player Luc Robitaille.
  • AndreThis quite common French designation is handed to French boys. The title is translated to mean courageous or valiant. Countless well-known Frenchmen share this moniker.
  • Armand Armand is a denomination awarded to French boys. In French, the name means soldier. Moreover, the name is the French version of the Germanic moniker Herman.
  • GilbertFrench parents choose this masculine name for their sons. In actual terms, the moniker means promise or pledge.
  • PierrePierre is a timelessly popular honorific awarded to French boys. The label represents strength. Pierre is the French version of the biblical name Peter.
  • Valentin This title is awarded to French boys. It means strong or powerful.
  • BeauBeau is a masculine moniker French parents may choose to title their sons. The designation has come to mean a beautiful person.
  • GuyGuy is a well-known name given to French boys. Translated from French, the label means guide. Moreover, it is pronounced ghee.
  • HubertHubert is a name handed down to French male offspring. The definition of this title is one possessing a clever mind.
  • HugoThis denomination is a French boy's name. The designation means intelligent. The name may also be awarded in honor of famed French writer Victor Hugo.
  • Phillipe Phillipe is a name given to French boys. In literal terms, the denomination is translated to mean a lover of horses.
  • SebastienThis title is commonly awarded to French boys. It is taken to mean an adored or revered subject.
  • Francois This time-tested moniker is bestowed upon French boys. Pronounced Fran-swah, the name carries the label of a free-spirited individual.
  • Germain French boys may be given the designation Germain. The name means a friend or trustworthy person.
  • Gerard Gerard is a French boy's name. The moniker's literal translation is defined as a warrior or someone who is skilled with a spear. A noted Frenchman possessing this title is award-winning actor Gerard Depardieu.

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