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Pierre is a baby name that balances the line between sweet and tough, which makes it ideal for baby boys. The name Pierre is also one that is more popular in its native country of France. Read on to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Pierre:

In French, Pierre is a variation of the name Peter. In Greek, it means “stone.”

Origin of the name Pierre:

Pierre is perhaps one of the most recognizable French names. The name Pierre is a French variation of the name “Peter”, which comes with Greek roots as it comes from the Greek name “Petros”. This grants Pierre French origins with some distant Greek connections as well.

Symbolism of the name Pierre:

The baby name Pierre can symbolize someone who is steadfast and determined in their goals. There is an unwavering strength behind the name Pierre thanks to its traditional and timeless look.

Style of the name Pierre:


Gender of the name Pierre:

Pierre is mainly used as a name for baby boys.

Pronunciation of the name Pierre:


Number of syllables in the name Pierre:


Emotion evoked from the name Pierre:

Pierre is a strong baby name for boys that can bring up feelings of tenacity and pride.

Alternative spellings for the name Pierre:

There are no popular alternative ways to spell the baby name Pierre.

Nicknames for the name Pierre:

  • Perry
  • Piers

Popularity of the name Pierre:

With information from the Social Security Index, Pierre saw its most popularity as a baby name for boys in 1986 when it ranked #389.

Related names for the name Pierre:

Great middle names for Pierre and their meanings:

  • Aiden (little and fiery)
  • Andre (strong and manly)
  • Louis (renowned warrior)
  • Roy (red-haired)
  • Gaspard (bringer of treasure)
  • Chase (to hunt)
  • Yves (yew wood)
  • Sacha (defending warrior)

Famous people with the name Pierre:

  • Pierre (Brazilian footballer)
  • Pierre Brice (French actor)
  • Pierre Cardin (French fashion designer)
  • Pierre Dagher (Lebanese actor, voice actor)
  • Pierre Deland (Swedish actor, director)
  • Pierre Franckh (German actor)
  • Pierre Henry (French musician)
  • Pierre-Loup Rajot (French actor, director)
  • Pierre Morel (French film director)
  • Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss (German actor, director)

Pierres in movies/pop culture:

  • Pierre (a character in the 2016 film A Wedding)
  • Pierre (a playable character in the video game Chrono Cross)
  • Pierre Belmondo (a character in the video game Wipeout)
  • Pierre (the character in the educational media franchise JumpStart)
  • Pierre Escargot (the character in the TV show All That)
  • Pierre(a character in the novel War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy)
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