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Percy is definitely an old-fashioned “grandpa name” that hasn't been too popular since the 1980s, but we think it's time for it to make a comeback. Percy is cute, could easily become trendy, and it fits in with the surname as a given name trend that's also pretty popular right now. Never mind that it's a literary name with plenty of pop culture appeal as well. Combine Percy with something current to make it sound more modern or pair it with a classic middle name to solidify it. Both options work.

Meaning of the name Percy:

Latin: Pierce the vale

Origin of the name Percy:

Percy was a place name in France before becoming a surname for aristocrats in England after the Norman Conquest. It's possibly ultimately derived from Persius, the character from Greek mythology.

Symbolism of the name Percy:

Percy doesn't offer much in the way of symbolism. New parents may find more meaning in some pop culture references. For example, fans of Percy Shelley may see it as a literary name, while characters named Percy appear in everything from the “Harry Potter” book series to the TV show “Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.”

Style of the name Percy:

Grandpa name, surname as a given name, traditional

Gender of the name Percy:

Percy is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Percy:


Number of syllables in the name Percy:


Emotion evoked from the name Percy:

The baby name Percy evokes images of someone who is business-minded and innovative.

Alternative spellings for the name Percy:

  • Perci
  • Percey
  • Percie
  • Persee
  • Persey

Nicknames for the name Percy:

  • Per
  • Perse

Popularity of the name Percy:

According to the Social Security Administration, Percy was a top 1,000 baby name up until 1988. It was most popular in 1902 when it ranked at number 114. It last ranked at number 927 in 1988.

Related names for the name Percy:

  • Percival
  • Persius
  • Perry
  • Pierce 
  • Perez

Great middle names for Percy and their meanings:

  • John (God is gracious)
  • Tate (cheerful)
  • Neil (champion)
  • Augustus (great, magnificent)
  • Michael (who is like God)
  • Stone (stone)
  • Tyler (tile maker)
  • Philip (lover of horses)
  • James (supplanter)

Famous people with the name Percy:

  • Percy Shelley (poet)
  • Percy Faith (bandleader, composer, and conductor)
  • Percy French (songwriter and painter)
  • Percy Harvin (football player)
  • Percy Heath (musician)

Percy in popular culture:

  • Sir Percy (character from the Marvel Comics universe)
  • Percy the Dog (character in the movie “Pocahontas”)
  • Percy Weasley (character in the “Harry Potter” universe)
  • PercyPenguin (character from the TV show “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”)
  • Percy(character in the book “The Green Mile” by Stephen King)
  • PercySmall Engine (character from the “Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends” cartoon)
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