This list of boy names that mean rabbit is filled with a delightful selection. Some names literally mean “rabbit,” while others give nod to some sort of rabbit-related meaning. Explore the options — complete with meaning and explanation — and find the perfect name for your son.

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  • Arledge Arledge is an Old English moniker, meaning ‘dweller at the rabbit lake' or ‘lake with the hares.' Variants of the name include Arlidge and Arrledge.
  • Awlagh Awlagh is how the Berber people of North Africa say ‘little rabbit.' It makes a great name for a bouncing baby boy.
  • Benjamin – Benjamin means ‘son of my right hand.’ In the children’s book, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, Benjamin Bouncer is shy sensitive, and loving.
  • Cadbury There’s no way to escape the chocolate Cadbury bunny during the Easter season. Commercials flood the TV, and displays fill the stores. This sophisticated-sounding name is of English origin and makes a perfect pick for a boy.
  • Coney Coney is a good masculine name. From Middle English, it means ‘rabbit.'
  • Coello From the Portuguese surname Coelho, this name means ‘rabbit.' It also refers to a seller or hunter of rabbits.
  • FelixThe name Felix suggests a promising future. It originates from a Latin surname.
  • GrayGray refers to the color of several rabbit breeds. It's an English origin name, sometimes spelled Grey.
  • Harland Harland refers to a place with a lot of rabbits. Although it is a gender-neutral name, it is most often used for boys.
  • Harden The name Harden refers to the ‘valley of the hares.' It's a masculine moniker and also refers to a place in England that gets its name from the Old English hara (hare) and denu (valley).
  • Harry Harry refers to a ‘hairy' rabbit. It's a popular name borne by presidents, royalty, musicians, and magicians. The name is a derivative of Henry, which points to the ‘ruler of the home or estate.'
  • Jett Jett represents a rabbit's speed and the color black. Famous people named Jett include singer Jett Williams and baseball player Jett Bandy. Celebrities Jill Scott, George Lucas, and Lisa Ling all have children named Jett.
  • Jistu The name Jitsu may conjure up martial arts images. But this charming Cherokee name means ‘rabbit.’ Many Indian stories depict rabbits as light-hearted tricksters.
  • Krolik Krolik comes from the Polish surname, which is a diminutive of Krol. It is also a nickname, meaning ‘rabbit.' Still, it makes a suitable first name for a boy.
  • LeoIn Chinese astrology, a rabbit represents the zodiac sign, Leo. So if you're expecting your baby boy to arrive between July 23 and August 22, Leo makes a great option.
  • Leveret In French, Leveret refers to a ‘young rabbit' born with full fur. It's perfect for a baby boy born with a full head of hair.
  • JackJack is a name frequently used in nursery rhymes. It's also a diminutive of John. In the animal kingdom, the Jackrabbit moves quickly. It has a bigger body, lengthier hind legs, and longer ears than its counterparts.
  • Max – In the story, The Tortoise and the Hare, the rabbit Max gets a lesson in overconfidence. Nevertheless, Max is a refreshing masculine name that means ‘greatest.’
  • Nanabozho Nanabozho has Ojibwe origins. In Indian folklore, Nanabozho is a shape-shifter, who takes on many forms. Often he is a meddling rabbit.
  • Peter – Peter Rabbit is a beloved character in children's books. Author Beatrix Potter first introduced the animal in The Tales of Peter Rabbit. He's characterized as mischievous. The name itself derives from the Greek Petros and means ‘stone' or ‘solid as a rock.'
  • RexThe Rex is called the ‘King of Rabbits' because of its rare, velvety texture. Rex is also a boy's name of Latin origin, meaning king.
  • Roosevelt- Theodore Roosevelt loved animals. A few of the pets were rabbits. Although none were named Roosevelt, it's still a fitting Dutch moniker for a boy.
  • Shapan The name Shaphan means ‘rabbit.' It is of Hebrew origin.
  • Sikyatavo The name Sikyatavo means ‘yellow rabbit.’ It is a Native American name of Hopi origin.
  • Zophar The name Zophar is a male name of Hebrew origin, meaning leap. In the Bible, Zophar is one of Job's most supportive friends.

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