Wisdom is one of the finest and most important attributes one can possess. Therefore, it should not be shocking that many languages have created words celebrating this trait and title newborn children with such names. Celebrate such a respectable trait by gifting your child an option from this list of baby names that mean wisdom.

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  • DanaThis unisex name’s roots can be traced back to the Persian empire. In said tongue, it celebrates wise people.
  • Sage Sage is a gender-neutral moniker. In French, the designation symbolizes wise subjects. However, the honorific also recognizes those displaying calmness. Sylvester Stallone’s late son was named Sage.
  • Mika Various Native American tribal languages are the origins of this denomination commonly given to both girls and boys. One well-known current holder is television and political personality Mika Brzezinski.
  • MackenzieMothers and fathers hailing from English-speaking cultures might title a newborn child Mackenzie. Of Gaelic origins, the title translates to the expression the child of a wise leader. Currently, the moniker is one of the most popular unisex names awarded.
  • QuinnNew Moms and Dads might choose to name a newborn son or daughter Quinn. In Gaelic, the moniker means wise subject. Occasionally, the name is spelled with only one n. One relatively well-known current bearer is Utah Jazz Head Coach Quin Snyder.
  • Gilocas Gilocas is a Gaelic-rooted male name. The title celebrates wisdom and enlightenment.
  • Urtesi Parents of Albanian extraction might designate a newborn girl Urtesi. In their native language, the title honors wise subjects.
  • Wyshied Afrikaans-conversing persons might bestow the name Wyshied on an infant son. It salutes sage and wise individuals.
  • Hikma Hikma’s history is connected to the Arabic language. The feminine title symbolizes wisdom.
  • Vilsaus People born in Finland or other Baltic nations might choose the name Vilsaus for their newborn baby boys. When interpreted from Finnish, the honorific celebrates wise and learned souls.
  • Eagna Those native to Ireland or holding said nation’s ancestry may opt to designate an infant daughter Eagna. The moniker honors wisdom.
  • Mudrost This male denomination possesses significant Bosnian origins. In said culture and language, the moniker recognizes sage and intelligent subjects.
  • Busara Swahili-speakers sometimes choose the designation Busara for infant girls. When interpreted from said tongue, the title means wise and enlightened.
  • Klog Klog is a title placed upon newborn boys. In Danish, the moniker recognizes wise and clever individuals.
  • Zosia Polish-conversing subjects might designate their infant girl Zosia. In their native tongue, the honorific salutes wisdom. A famous current bearer is actress Zosia Mamet.
  • Kalaam Those speaking the Cebuano language may name newborn sons Kalaam. The moniker means sage.
  • Cliste Cliste is a female denomination. In Irish dialects, the designation pays tribute to cunning or extremely intelligent individuals.
  • Klart Icelandic citizens know that the masculine name Klart is native to their culture. The designation is interpreted to mean smart.
  • Dhuki Arabic-speaking parents might name baby girls Dhuki. In English, the title represents smarts or intelligence.
  • Astutu Astutu is a name native to the Corsican language and ethnicity. The male moniker translates to the phrase a smart person.
  • Smati Smati is a name African parents might bestow upon newborn girls. In the Igbo language, it symbolizes a smart person.
  • Fiksu This moniker is bestowed upon boys. In Finnish, Fiksu means smart or calm.
  • Umnaya The feminine title Umnaya owes its existence to the Russian tongue and ethnicity. It celebrates those who are sly and clever.
  • Chalu Indian mothers and fathers might choose to denominate their infant boys Chalu. In various Indian dialects, the title recognizes intelligent and clever persons.
  • Akylly Akylly is a popular girl’s name in Turkmenistan. In the Turkmen language, the designation celebrates smartness.

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