The fighting spirit has helped people and nations overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and ultimately thrive. In recognition of such facts, new parents may express the desire to give their children names that celebrate fighters, warriors, and battlers. Peruse this list of baby names that mean fighter and a robust and respectable name for your son or daughter.

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  • Ala – This moniker is bestowed upon newborn boys and girls. When translated from several Slavic tongues, the designation equates to the expression defending men.
  • AlexisAlexis is a gender-neutral title. The name’s origins began in Russia. In English, the denomination is interpreted to the phrase defender of the people.
  • KellyMany English-conversing parents may designate a newborn baby Kelly. The unisex honorific means warrior.
  • Alyosha Hebrew-speaking subjects might choose the unisex title Alyosha for an infant child. This moniker is translated to mean noble defender of mankind.
  • Billie Billie is a popular gender-neutral denomination given to newborn boys and girls in the English-conversing world. It celebrates resolute protectors.
  • Alger This is a male honorific. English speakers know the title honors a clever warrior.
  • AlexandriaAlexandria is a feminine moniker with Greek roots. This designation celebrates defenders of the people.
  • Cadman The name Cadman first gained popularity during the Anglo-Saxon period. In said tongues, the denomination symbolizes a warrior.
  • Maude Germany is the nation in which the feminine moniker Maude grew to prominence. The German meaning of said honorific is battle mighty. Additionally, the name’s notoriety grew in the 1970’s following the success of the hit television show of the same designation.
  • AloysiusLatin-speakers might title newborn sons Aloysuis. In the historically and religiously significant language, the name translates to famous warrior.
  • Bellatrix Bellatrix’s origins are Latin. The feminine moniker celebrates female warriors.
  • Cadell Welsh individuals might choose to name infant boys Cadell. Language historians maintain that the name recognizes battles and battlers.
  • Marcheline This girl’s name first took hold in France. In French, the moniker celebrates those holding warlike qualities.
  • Cahir Cahir is a masculine title. When interpreted from the Irish tongue, the designation honors men in battle.
  • Diamond This honorific is known to many as a precious jewel. However, Diamond is also a feminine title honoring invincibility in old English.
  • WarnerWarner’s heritage dates back to the historical period when old English was widely spoken. The name is awarded to newborn boys and recognizes armies. It is also a popular surname and one of its more famous holders is Hall of Fame Quarterback Kurt Warner.
  • Malin Proud new mothers and fathers might designate infant daughters Malin. In English, the moniker symbolizes strong little warriors. Swedish actress Malin Akerman is a current famous bearer.
  • RogerRoger owes its existence to the German language. In said tongue, the denomination honors famous warriors. The late James Bond-portraying actor Roger Moore is a famous namesake.
  • Hilda Persons of German extraction may choose Hilda as a title for infant girls. In English, the moniker salutes battle-tested women.
  • RaymondRaymond is another title owing its beginnings to German culture and language. The masculine honorific translates to the expression the defender of men.
  • Edme Scottish subjects sometimes favor the name Edme for baby girls. The title recognizes protectors and defenders.
  • OscarThough popular in numerous nations and tongues, Oscar’s heritage is Irish. This male designation has been held by countless historical figures, can be spelled several different ways, and commemorates champion warriors.
  • Malou Moms and Dads residing in the Netherlands might opt to designate infant daughters Malou. In Dutch, the moniker celebrates renowned warriors.
  • Nakoa Nakoa is a boy’s name holding Hawaiian ancestry. In said language, the title honors warriors.
  • Elda This is a girl’s name typically given to newborn girls of Italian descent. Elda means warrior in that language.

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