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Warner is a distinguished baby name for boys. Prestigious in background, this traditional name has often acquired a standout role in popular culture. Warner Aaron Anderson is the male protagonist of the Shatter Me series, and Warner Huntington III is a main in the Legally Blonde franchise. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Warner:

Old Germanic: Army guard

Origin of the name Warner:

Warner originated as the Norman spelling of the given name Werner. This Germanic name combined the roots warin (meaning “guard”) and hari (meaning “army”).

Symbolism of the name Warner:

Warner is the Anglo-Norman spelling of the German name Werner (meaning “army guard”). In Germanic culture, the symbol of the army guardian is the iron cross.

Style of the name Warner:


Gender of the name Warner:

Warner is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Warner:


Number of syllables in the name Warner:


Emotion evoked from the name Warner:

The name Warner evokes feelings of protectiveness and power.

Alternative spellings for the name Warner:

  • Werner
  • Wörner
  • Wernher
  • Wirner
  • Wirnhier
  • Wörnhör

Nicknames for the name Warner:

  • War
  • Warn
  • Warnie
  • Warny

Popularity of the name Warner:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Warner was the 1,477th most popular baby name for boys in 2020.

Related names for the name Warner:

Great middle names for Warner and their meanings:

  • Alton (old town)
  • Barnett (burned clearing)
  • Cole (swarthy, dark, victory of the people)
  • Damien (tame, conquer, subdue)
  • Eliam (nation of God)
  • Harrison (descendant of the home ruler, son of Harry)
  • Jase (healer)
  • Kian (ancient, enduring, king)
  • Ludwig (famous warrior)
  • Oswald (divine power, God's ruler)
  • Pierpont (stone bridge)
  • Timothee (honoring God)
  • Tristan (tumult, outcry)

Famous people with the name Warner:

  • Warner Anderson (actor)
  • Warner Leroy Baxter (actor)
  • Warner Walton Cope (judge)
  • Warner Herbert Jorgenson (poltiician)
  • Warner Tjardus Koiter (engineer)
  • Warner Elvon Leighton (film editor)
  • Warner Antonio Madrigal (baseball player)
  • Warner Elias Sallman (painter)
  • Warner Lewis Underwood (politician)
  • Warner William Wolf (sportscaster)

Warner in popular culture:

  • Warner Aaron Anderson (character in the Shatter Me series)
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (mass media entertainment company)
  • Warner Huntington III (character in the Legally Blonde franchise)
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