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Cole is a name whose background is not well known. It may be a shortened name from traditional old English surnames or from names that come from other cultures. Others believe, however, that the name comes from coal miners who wanted to make a name with a play on words. No matter the background, however, the name Cole is one of the most popular in America, currently ranking at number 131.

Meaning of the name Cole:

Greek: victorious people
English: victory of the people
French: swarthy, charcoal, coal-black

Origin of the name Cole:

Cole is a name that was created in old England during Medieval times from an influence of a variety of different cultures. Some say that it came from the English surname Cola, as a derivative of it. Others say that it began as a surname on its own among coal miners as it was a play on the old English word for coal which was “col.” Others share that the Germans brought the name Cole to England through the traditionally German name, Kohl. Finally, still, others believe it is a shortened version of the French name Charbonneau, of the Irish and Scottish name McCool, or even of the names Nicholas and Nicole.

Symbolism of the name Cole:

No matter the origin of the name Cole, it was originally seen most often in old England during Medieval times among coal mining towns. This may give rise to the fact that the name means coal-black or victorious in some languages. The Medieval times also brought an influx of cultures to the United Kingdom, adding to the many different origin stories.

Style of the name Cole:

The style of the baby name Cole is traditional to the Middle Ages.

Gender of the name Cole:

The gender for the baby name Cole is for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Cole:

kohl, cool, or coal

Number of syllables in the name Cole:

There is one syllable in the baby name Cole.

Emotion evoked from the name Cole:

Cole is a strong name that is very direct and to the point. It is very simple and gives off more serious emotions.

Alternative spellings for the name Cole:

  • Khole
  • Kole
  • Khol
  • Kol
  • Col

Nicknames for the name Cole:

  • Coco
  • Coley
  • Cols
  • Ole
  • Cola

Popularity of the name Cole:

The name Cole ranked at number 131 on the Social Security Index in 2020, remaining on the top 200 list since 2012. Before 2012, the name was in the top 100 list since the year 1997, however.

Related names for the name Cole:

Great middle names for Cole and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Cole:

  • Old King Cole (former British king)
  • Cole Becker (rock singer, SWMRS)
  • Cole Sprouse (actor, “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”)
  • Cole Hauser (actor, “Yellowstone”)
  • Cole Beasley (professional football player, Buffalo Bills)
  • Cole Whitt (Nascar driver)
  • Cole Aldrich (former professional basketball player, Minnesota Timberwoles)

Coles in popular culture:

  • Cole (character in “The Sixth Sense”)
  • Cole Turner (character on “Charmed”)
  • Cole Johnson (character in “The Babysitter”)
  • Cole Ortiz (character on “24”)
  • Cole Aaronson (character on “Scrubs”)
  • Cole (character in “Friends with Kids”)
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