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Jones: Family Name, Meaning, History, and More

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Jones: Family Name, Meaning, History, and More

Do you have the surname Jones? Have you wondered what it means and wanted to learn more about your ancestral history? In this article, we will take a closer look at the Jones family name, history, meaning, and more.

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Origin and Meaning

The Jones family name is Welsh and English. The surname Jones is popular in Wales and means “son of John.” It originated from names that were typically Welsh, such as Siôn, leuan, Iwan, or even Loan.

History of the Jones Family Name

The first record of the surname Jones emerged in England in 1273 under the name “Matilda Jones.” Later, in 1279, in England, Huntingdonshire and others recorded the surname Jones. Furthermore, in the mid-16th century, during the period of the Laws in Wales Acts, the traditional Welsh system of family names was gradually overtaken by the English system because English was the official state language and all government records had to be in English. The Jones motto is Heb dduw, heb ddim which means without God, without anything.

20th and 21st Centuries About the Name Jones

In Wales, Jones is still a popular surname with approximately 200,000 people; however, in England, it is used by about 450,000 people. The surname has spread to other countries, including Australia and Canada.  According to the 1990 United States census, Jones was the fourth most popular surname, and in 2000, it ranked fifth.

Alternative Variations

  • John
  • Joans
  • Jonas
  • Johns
  • Johnson
  • Johnstone

Interesting Facts About Jones

  • According to ancestory.com, the two most common jobs in 1940 for those with the surname Jones were maid and laborer. 18% of the men were laborers, and 10% of the women were maids.
  • The most common jobs for the Jones in 1921 were dressmakers, housekeepers, farmers, and coal mine workers.
  • With over 3,500,000 records, Jones is the second most common surname in the United Kingdom.
  • Additionally, according to the marriage name set, those with the surnames Williams and Smith are more likely to marry someone with the surname Jones.
  • According to birth record sets, the most common Jones first names include Elizabeth, John, Mary, and William.
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Famous People With the Jones Family Name

  • David Bowie — Musician and singer
  • Quincy Jones — American record producer
  • Tom Jones — Singer
  • Inigo Jones — Politician and architect designer
  • George Jones — Singer
  • Norah Jones — Recording Artist
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones — Actress
  • Barry Jones — British Magician
  • Joe Jones — American painter
  • John Rice Jones — Welsh-born American politician

Finally, by studying your family's name, you will be able to discover your family history, heritage, and ancestral relationships, and even trace your family tree.

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