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Jonas is a Greek boy’s name that means “dove” and also the Ltihuanian form of the name John which means “God is gracious”. Jonas rose in popularity in the mid 2000’s due to the band the Jonas Brothers.

Meaning of the name Jonas:

Greek: dove
Lithuanian: God is gracious

Origin of the name Jonas:

Jonas is a boy’s baby name of two different origins. Jonas is the Greek form of the name Jonah and means “dove”. Jonas is also the Lithuanian version of the name John and means “God is gracious”.

Baby name Jonas


Symbolism of the name Jonas:

The dove is an animal that is associated with peace.

Style of the name Jonas:


Gender of the name Jonas:

Jonas is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Jonas:

YOO-nas (Swedish), YO-nas (German), JO-nəs (English)

Number of syllables in the name Jonas:


Emotion evoked from the name Jonas:

Jonas evokes feelings of

Alternative spellings for the name Jonas:

Johnas, Ionas, Jonys

Nicknames for the name Jonas:

  • Jon 
  • Jonny
  • Jo
  • Nas

Popularity of the name Jonas:

According to the Social Security Administration, Jonas is a baby boy’s name that has risen and fallen in popularity since 1900. Jonas peaked in popularity in 2008 at #274. As of 2020, Jonas is #486.

Related names for the name Jonas:

Great middle names for the name Jonas and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Jonas:

  • Jonas Salk (American physician who developed the polio vaccine)
  • Jonas Bjorkman (Swedish tennis player)
  • Jonas Gray (American football player)
  • Jonas Mouton (American football player)
  • Jonas Valanciunas (Lithuanian basketball player)

Jonas in popular culture:

  • Jonas Grumby aka The Skipper (television, “Gilligan's Island”)
  • Jonas (literature, “The Giver” by Lois Lowry)
  • Jonas Hunter (television, “Legends of Tomorrow”)
  • Jonas Maliki (film, “Sense8”)
  • Jonas Miller (film, “Twister”)
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