Sweden enjoys a legendary history and has played a significant role in shaping modern day northern Europe. Its language dates back centuries and contributed many names that are popular within its borders, in addition to other nations and cultures. The below list of Swedish baby names captures that heritage and showcases the diversity and meaning behind some of the most intriguing names. Take a look!

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  • Kim The name Kim is often given to both newborn Swedish boys and girls. The moniker holds several meanings including royal fortress and bold warrior.
  • Robin This gender-neutral title has been popular in Sweden for many years. Translated from Swedish, it means bright and shining.
  • Jona Jona is a common unisex name bestowed on Swedish infants. The name honors the bird of peace known as the dove.
  • AryaSwedish parents might choose to designate newborn babies Arya. The unisex denomination recognizes nobility and can be spelled several different ways.
  • Lauria Lauria is gender-neutral honorific bestowed upon Swedish newborns. It celebrates the laurel tree.
  • Adolphus This name is awarded to Swedish boys. The title honors the noble wolf. Though its not terribly common, language historians maintain that the moniker is distinguished, powerful, and historical.
  • Ebba Persons of Swedish extraction might name newborn daughters Ebba. The name translates to several phrases like fortress of riches and the strength of the boar. Though rarely seen outside Sweden, the honorific is considered one of the top 10 most popular girl's names.
  • Justinus Justinus is a Swedish boy's name. The moniker celebrates righteousness and is the Swedish version of the popular American designation Justin.
  • Lovisa This well-known feminine name is commonly handed down to Swedish newborns. It connotes a renowned warrior. Moreover, Lovisa is the Swedish variant of English monikers like Eloise and Louise.
  • Humfrid Those fond of Swedish culture might name an infant son Humfrid. The title translates to peaceful warrior. In addition, it is Sweden's answer to the English moniker Humphrey.
  • Sassa This female title is awarded to Swedish babies. It means princess. Furthermore, Sassa is derived from the Hebrew and biblical honorific Sarah.
  • Klemens Klemens is a name Swedish mothers and fathers might designate newborn sons. In said tongue, the denomination recognizes merciful subjects.
  • Linea Individuals of Swedish heritage may opt to title newborn girls Linea. The title translates to lime tree and is currently one of the top 10 most popular names given to Swedish girls. Furthermore, the name may also be spelled Linnea.
  • Berner Berner is a popular, masculine Swedish name. The moniker honors those possessing the bravery of a bear.
  • Eisa Eisa is a designation awarded newborn Swedish girls. It connotes snow.
  • Helger Religious parents might designate Swedish baby boys Helger. The honorific celebrates holy or blessed individuals.
  • Kikken Swedish girls might be handed down this title. Kikken translates to house owner or Lady of the Manner.
  • Lenne This masculine designation is well-known in Swedish circles. Lenne recognizes one possessing a lion's heart and immense courage. Additionally, it is the Swedish diminutive of the English moniker Leonard.
  • Mait Mait is a Swedish girl's title. The denominations is translated to mean gift of God.
  • Peik Persons fond of Swedish culture might choose to title newborn sons Peik. The designation means stone and celebrates strength.
  • Ronya This designation is given to Swedish girls. It connotes a song of joy.
  • TitusSwedish parents might honor newborn sons with the name Titus. Language historians maintain that the honorific translates to the phrase to honor God.
  • Vita This feminine name may be designated for Swedish infants. Vita denotes life.
  • Ulle Ulle is a Swedish boy's title. The name means wolf.
  • Novalie Subjects of Swedish extraction might decide on the name Novalie for newborn daughters. The designation honors newness and is a take off of the designation Nova.

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