Germany has been a European power for centuries and has contributed a great deal to modern society. However, many might not realize that the Germanic language has offered numerous German baby names that parents bestow upon their newborns in German-speaking nations and beyond.

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  • SaylorParents choose this unisex title for both newborn boys and girls. The name is translated to mean sea traveler. Additionally, Saylor is derived from segler, the German word for sailor.
  • Aren Aren is a gender-neutral name German parents might title their newborn child. The moniker is the German phrase for eagle ruler.
  • BodieThis denomination is often awarded to German newborns regardless of gender. In German, Bodie's translation is messenger. Furthermore, the title is the German variation of the noted sanskrit name Bodhi, which means enlightenment.
  • Kyler – Kyler is a gender-neutral name. This honorific means church.
  • Rune The mothers and fathers of German babies might opt to title said subjects Rune. This unisex designation means secret. Moreover, the title is the German version of the similar Norwegian name Runi.
  • ZeldaZelda is a female denomination often handed down by German parents. Zelda is translated to mean battle. In addition, the title is derived from the old Germanic language moniker Griselda.
  • Wolfrick This is a name parents bestow German boys. The moniker means wolf ruler.
  • Welda This powerful female name is sometimes handed down to German girls. The title means ruler or queen and is derived from the relatively similar old Germanic designation Walda.
  • Wat Wat is a name bestowed German boys. It is translated to mean ruler or a powerful individual.
  • Maud This female name is a popular title for German girls. Language historians maintain the title represents strength in battle. One of its more famous holders is famed actress Maud Adams.
  • Mayer Mayer is a name given to German boys. Its definition is leader.
  • LisetteThis spiritual name is handed down to German girls. The title is translated to mean one who is devoted to God.
  • Joss German parents might title newborn boys Joss. The designation connotes an individual of Goth heritage. Moreover, it is a variation of the well-known female denomination Jocelyn.
  • Hidu This moniker is given to German girls. German language specialists maintain that the title implies fierce warrior or a battle tested person.
  • Gustav Gustav is a powerful honorific bestowed upon German boys. The name recognizes one serving royalty. Additionally, Gustav is derived from the familiar Swedish designation Gustaf.
  • Ginette This title is often awarded to German girls. The name means famous bearer or protector. German language historians maintain that Ginette is the German version of the French moniker Genevieve.
  • Alarick Alarick is German boy name. The designation symbolizes a nobleman or honored ruler.
  • AlineNewborn German girls might receive the title Aline. The designation expresses respect for subjects of noble or royal birth.
  • Clovis Clovis is a denomination bestowed upon German boys. The title celebrates intense fighters.
  • Dagomar German baby girls might be given the name Dagomar. The title is translated to mean glorious day.
  • DedricDedric is a title honored to newborn German males. Language experts maintain that this honorific recognizes gifted rulers or renowned leaders. Furthermore, the designation can be spelled several different ways.
  • Armina This honorific is given to German girls. Armina means warrior.
  • Drago Drago is name German parents choose to title newborn boys. The moniker represents Dragon. However, the designation is also defined to mean one meant to bear or carry heavy responsibilities.
  • HannahThe popular denomination is often awarded to German girls. Hannah means grace.
  • Eginhard Edinhard is a male name German parents may title their sons. The denomination honors those who are battlers or possess strong skills with a sword. Furthermore, the moniker carries several acceptable spellings.

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