This list of girl names that mean white is filled with a vast array of options that are both unique and beautiful. Explore the names — complete with origins and literal meanings — and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Edelweiss Edelweiss is a powerful German name given to female babies. The moniker translates to white flower.
  • Fiona Persons born to or wish to honor Scottish culture might designate newborn daughters Fiona. The denomination translates to fair or white.
  • Frostine This French girl's name means white. Language observers maintain that the title has grown more common in recent years and has morphed into a trendy honorific.
  • Ivory Ivory is a popular feminine name possessing old English roots. The title translates to white and has become common vernacular for white objects.
  • JenniferThis time-honored female designation is rooted in the Cornish language. In said dialect, the moniker symbolizes purity. Moreover, the denomination continues to be a favored title for newborn girls in English-speaking nations.
  • NevaSpanish-conversing subjects or those fond of said nation's culture might title newborn daughters Neva. In said dialect, it translates to the phrase white snow. Furthermore, the name is the Spanish variant of the French title Neve.
  • Miyuki Subjects of Japanese heritage might designate infant girls Miyuki. The honorific means white snow.
  • Gauri Gauri is a title bestowed upon newborn girls. Its heritage dates back to the Sanskrit language and translates to white.
  • Haunani Natives of Hawaii or celebrants of said culture might honor newborn daughters by naming them Haunani. In said dialect, the denomination means beautiful snow.
  • Eira This Welsh title is given to newborn females. Eira recognizes the beauty of snow.
  • BiancaBianca's origins hail from Italian. Meaning white, this ever-popular designation is awarded to newborns in numerous countries. One of its more famous holders is Bianca Jagger, the former wife of the legendary Rolling Stones front man.
  • Blanche This common feminine denomination boasts French roots. Translated from said dialect, it means white.
  • Candace The origins of this female title can be traced back to biblical periods. In actuality, this moniker meaning white or pure is derived from a tribal African term Kandake. In addition, Candace honors sincerity.
  • AstridParents of Scandinavian heritages often designate newborn daughters Astrid. Meaning fair and beautiful, the honorific is also widely handed down in other Nordic countries.
  • AudreyAudrey is a prominent and classic name carrying old English heritage. In said tongue, the title translates to white or fair. Arguably, its most celebrated bearer is legendary actress, the late Audrey Hepburn.
  • WhitneyParents of various cultures might name baby girls Whitney. The ever-popular denomination meaning white island comes from old English. The late pop singer Whitney Houston was one of its more famed holders.
  • Zahra Persons born to Arabic cultures might designate newborn females Zahra. The honorific translates to white flower and holds several acceptable spellings.
  • Vanna Vanna is a girl's title meaning white. The designation's roots can be traced back to the Italian region of Tuscany. Amongst its famous possessors is the television game show personality, ironically and appropriately named Vanna White.
  • RhiannonThis feminine designation holds roots in the Welsh tongue. It means white horse and was immortalized in the hit song of the same title performed by Fleetwood Mac.
  • KaylaKayla is a common girl's name. This Irish and Gaelic-rooted denomination carries multiple definitions, such as white, fair, and slender. In addition, the moniker can be spelled numerous different ways.
  • Kezia Persons hailing from Hebrew-conversing backgrounds might title newborn daughters Kezia. In said language, the moniker translates to the phrase one of the three fair daughters.
  • MaeveThe Celtic and Irish honorific means both fair and tall. Moreover, language historians maintain that the title has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity worldwide.
  • PhoebePhoebe's history originated in ancient Greece. The title carries multiple meanings including white, bright, and radiant. The moniker gained in popularity following the success of the hit television series Friends that featured a character named Phoebe.
  • CarmelThis feminine designation is awarded to girls. It holds Hebrew origins and spawned many similar names, most notably the Italian moniker Carmella.
  • Eliza Eliza is a girl's designation meaning white and fair. The title holds Hebrew ancestry and one of its most famous bearers is actress Eliza Dushku.

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