This list of girl names that mean creator is filled with a delightful selection of feminine names. Amaryllis, Anastasia, Senara, Nyssa … options abound! Take a look at these baby names and find the best name for your little girl.

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  • Amaryllis The Greek culture and language boasts the creation of the female title Amaryllis. In English, the name symbolizes newness and beginnings.
  • DawnThe timeless feminine title Dawn dates back to the Anglo-Saxon period. In English, the offering translates into the expression the first appearance of light.
  • Rachana Rachana is an Indian denomination. The female moniker celebrates creation.
  • Iola Mothers and fathers of Greek extraction or who are fond of said culture might designate newborn daughters Iola. The name means violet dawn or beginning.
  • Srusti This Indian honorific is given to girls. The moniker recognizes creation. Additionally, an alternate meaning is the world.
  • Alba The romance languages Spanish and Italian hold the feminine title Alba’s origins. The denomination represents the dawn and new creations. It can also be a surname as seen in famous actress Jessica Alba.
  • Noema New Moms and Dads might designate their newborn daughters Noema. This Greek moniker symbolizes a new moon, which was considered a sign of rebirth and creation in ancient Greece.
  • AnastasiaAnastasia is a famous Russian name. The female offering honors resurrection and the creation of new life. The title is also know for being the namesake of the nation's last Tzar Nicholas's youngest daughter.
  • Dajana This Latin denomination is awarded to newborn girls. When interpreted from the ancient language, Dajana recognizes divine or heavenly creations.
  • Senara The roots of this feminine honorific date back to the times Cornish and Breton were widely conversed in. It means dawn.
  • KiaThe ancestry of this girl's’ name is African. Kia celebrates new beginnings or the beginning of new seasons.
  • Renate Renate is a Spanish name handed down to baby girls. When interpreted from this language spoken by many millions, it celebrates creation and rebirth.
  • Eos This feminine title’s history can be traced back to ancient Greece. In Greek, Eos means dawn. In addition, Eos was the ancient Greek Goddess of the Dawn.
  • Nyssa Mothers and fathers possessing Greek heritage may name their infant girls Nyssa. In English, this title represents new beginnings.
  • ReneeRenee is a common offering handed out to girls. In French, the moniker recognizes rebirth and creation.
  • Wahuj Arabic-speaking subjects might designate baby girls Wahuj. This title recognizes new beginnings.
  • Zera Zera is a Hebrew honorific bestowed upon newborn females. When interpreted from the ancient tongue, it salutes creation and new beginnings.
  • Ausra This girl’s name is popular in Lithuania. When translated from Lithuanian, Ausra honors the dawn and new lives.
  • Dagny The origins of this female moniker were planted in Scandinavia. In English, Dagny means new day or new beginning.
  • Ellowyn This Anglo Saxon-originating title is given to girls. The name translates into the phrase the first appearance of light. Alternatively, Ellowyn celebrates new beginnings.
  • Ayelet Hebrew-conversing parents might opt to designate newborn girls Ayelet. It means dawn and new life.
  • Cansu Turkish mothers and fathers may favor the name Cansu for infant girls. In said language, the denomination honors the water of life.
  • Luljeta Albania serves as the nation of origin for the feminine offering Luljeta. In Albania, the title is interpreted into the expression the flower of life.
  • Anukurti This heritage of this female denomination is Indian. When interpreted from several of the nation’s various dialects, Anukurti means beautiful creation by God.
  • Chae-Won This is a popular girl’s title in Korea. Chase-Won salutes new beginnings.

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