The quality of redemption is one of freedom and beauty, and the following list of girl names that mean redemption capture that beauty. Names like Medusa, which means “savior” in Greek,” and Raanana, which means “fresh and new,” are just the tip of the iceberg. Peruse these feminine names to see if one grabs you as the ideal moniker for your daughter!

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  • Medusa Medusa is a feminine title. In Greek, the name means savior. Alternatively, it recognizes guardians. The most famous namesake is a Greek mythological figure known to have turned people to stone merely by glancing at them.
  • Lutgardis This feminine title holds Latin and German origins. In said tongues, Lustgardis symbolizes redemption.
  • Arpad Arpad is a female moniker. Its heritage is rooted in Latin and certain Indian tongues. In English, the name translates into the expression light of redemption.
  • CarolineCaroline is a popular French-originating title given to girls. It honors redeemed or free women. Furthermore, it is a variation of the male designation Charles.
  • MalayaThe Filipino languages and culture contributed the female moniker Malaya to the world. It means free, redeemed, and unburdened.
  • Avil Avil is a German title given to girls. In the Western-European tongue, it exemplifies renewal and redemption. It also loosely translates into the saying free like a bird.
  • Ifegenia Those born into or fond of Greek culture and language might designate baby girls Ifegenia. In the olden tongue, the name recognizes sacrifice and redemption.
  • GenesisMany people know that Genesis is the first book of the bible. That said, it is also a somewhat common title bestowed upon girls. It represents the beginning.
  • Natara Moms and Dads conversing in Arabic might title newborn daughters Natara. In the commonly spoken tongue, the moniker recognizes sacrifice and redemption.
  • Aayayshi This feminine label first took hold in India. Language experts maintain that the offering equates to the expression long redeeming life.
  • NovaNova is a girl’s name. In Latin, it means new.
  • Mahya In Arabic, Mahya represents redemption and rejuvenation. Moreover, the title enjoys different spellings and has been adopted by numerous cultures throughout the globe.
  • Utobunandu Nigeria’s Igbo people are credited with creating the female denomination Utobunandu. It honors those living a redeemed, enjoyable life.
  • Raanana This Hebrew label is awarded to girls. It means fresh and new. Alternatively, it celebrates redemption. Additionally, it is a variation of the male honorific Raanan. The name is also a city in Israel.
  • Yoghna Yoghna is another feminine title India has given to the world. It represents sacrifice and redemption.
  • Sahar Sahar is a feminine title. When interpreted from Arabic, the offering personifies the dawn, awakening, and redemption.
  • Chaka The origins of this female denomination are Hebrew. In English, Chaka honors those living a life of redemption. A famous namesake is singer Chaka Khan.
  • Zera Hebrew-conversing Moms and Dads might choose Zera as a fitting title for infant girls. The name exemplifies new beginnings.
  • ArianaThe seeds of this feminine label were soiled in Albania. In Albanian, Ariana honors subjects leading golden redeeming lives. A famous current holder is pop star Ariana Grande.
  • Senara This lady’s denomination first became known when Cornish was widely spoken. In The passe tongue, Senara represents the dawn and new beginnings.
  • Qurbani Qurbani is a girl’s name. Its ancestry is Indian. Language historians suggest that the name represents sacrifice.
  • ReneeThis French title is awarded to girls. Renee means reborn. A famous bearer is Academy Award-winning actress Renee Zellweger.
  • Matisoon The Native-American Cree tribe bore the feminine label Matisoon. In the Cree tongue, it represents life and redemption.
  • Eos Eos is a female title. In Greek, the offering celebrates the dawn. In Greek mythology, Eos was the Goddess of the Dawn.
  • Prasaritha Prasaritha is an feminine moniker popular in India. In English, the honorific translates into the phrase peaceful life of redemption.

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