Few things are as noble as a defender of others. Whether a warrior or simply someone who stands up for what's right, those who defend are admirable and enviable. Capture that notion of honor in your little one by choosing one of these baby names that mean defender. Each is unique in its own right and worthy of your consideration. Peruse the options — complete with meanings and origins — to find the best name for your little one.

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  • Santeri Most often used as a name for boys, it can also be an acceptable name for girls in the US. The name means “defender of mankind.” It is a strong-willed, powerful name.
  • Dealla A cute name for girls, Dealla means “protector.” It is of Irish origin. The name is usually given to girls in Christian families.
  • Akiva This girl's name is cute and modern. It is not common so parents can assure their daughter receives a unique name. Akiva means “protect, shelter” and is of Hebrew origin.
  • SigmundThe name Sigmund is of Germanic origin. It means “protector.” While you do not often hear boys named Sigmund, the name certainly is perfect for parents looking for a unique, strong name for their sons.
  • Hayward — name Hayward has a high guardian. It has Old Norse origin.
  • Sander The name Sander means “defending men.” It is easy to spell and not often used as a boy's name.
  • Olek The name Olek means “defending men.” It is not commonly heard of in the US. It has Greek origins.
  • Ned Meaning “guardian of the riches,” the name Ned is not often heard of in the US. Many people associate the name with the cartoon character Ned Flanders from The Simpsons.
  • Pharamond The name Pharamond is a good choice for boys or girls. The unisex name means “journey protection” and comes from Germanic origin.
  • Kenelm Meaning “defends the family,” the name Kenelm has Old English background. This name has three syllables and is not often heard of in the US.
  • Howie The name Howie is used for boys. It means “noble watchman” and has an English origin. It is the diminutive form of the name Howard.
  • Howard The boy's name Howard means “high guard.” It is of English origin. The name is stern and strong, great for a future leader.
  • Ettore The name Ettore means “to defend, hold fast.” It has Italian origin and is a diminutive form of the name Hector.
  • Bohoja This name works as a name for girls or boys. It is the Korean word for protector. Bohoja has three syllables.
  • Amund The name Amund means “Respectful protector.” This is an awesome name choice for a girl or boy for your precious newborn. Amund has Old Norse origins.
  • Ehno The name Ehno means “a protector.” It is a good name for parents wanting an Italian origin name for either a girl or a boy.
  • Reinhold A warrior-like name for boys, Reinhold means “counsel ruler.” The name is popular in Jewish families and has Germanic origins.
  • CadenA gender-neutral name for girls and boys, Caden has several spelling variations including Cayden and Caiden. The name means “Defender of mankind.' It has an American origin.
  • Batair The name Batair is unusual but a good name worth considering for a baby boy. The name means “strong warrior” and has Gaelic origin.
  • Harlowe Another unisex baby name, Harlowe means “from the Army Hill” and has Old English origin.
  • Murphy This name means “sea warrior.” It is a gender-neutral name option for girls and boys. Murphy has Irish origins.
  • Alesh The name Alesh is most often used as a name for boys. It has Indian origin and means “Protected by God.”
  • Rainer The name Rainer is a unisex name. The name is refreshing and modern and something that you will not hear every day. It means “deciding warrior” and has Old English origin.
  • Amanpol Amanpol is a name of Indian origin. It means “protector of peace.” This name is most often given to boys.
  • Skoldolfr This name for boys means “a protector wolf.” It has Icelandic origin.

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