This list of Mexican baby names is filled with a variety of spirited options. From Herminia to Charro to Pablo and beyond, the list is filled with delightful names for both boys and girls. Take a look and find the baby names that works best for your little one!

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  • Adoncia This is an unusual girl's name that is Spanish in origin. The meaning is “sweet one”.
  • Alano A quality name for a boy. The Spanish meaning is “handsome”. Can also mean “noble and bright” and is a variant of Italian Alan.
  • AngelAngel is a popular unisex Mexican name. It is predominant among males in the Hispanic culture and means “messenger”.
  • Belicia A baby male name, but can be unisex. The Mexican translation is “dedicated to God”.
  • Buinton Buinton is a Spanish male name. It simply means “born fifth”.
  • Charro This is a great name for a Mexican baby boy. It is a nickname for “cowboy” and is popular in Argentina.
  • Chico A popular boy's name that is the Spanish abbreviation of Ezekiel. The true meaning is “boy or lad”.
  • Christon A well-loved name of Spanish origin for males. It stands for “follower of Christ or anointed one”.
  • Drina A Mexican female name that is striking and different. It means “helper and defender of mankind”.
  • EmmaA popular baby girl name in many languages, including Mexican. Originally of the Greek and transformed to English and Spanish. The word means “universal” or “whole.”
  • Gitanta This is a rare baby boy name of Spanish origin. It stands for “gypsy” and is a great change of pace for a newborn.
  • Hector Ancient in origin, Hector is of Mexican origin and stands for “tenacious”.
  • Herminia A beautiful female name for a Mexican baby. The Spanish origin means “lady of the earth.
  • HugoA popular male name in the Spanish community, it stands for “one of intelligence”. This is an appealing name since the seventh Harry Potter novel where Hugo Strange is a character.
  • Ishmael In the Bible, Ishmael was the son of Abraham and Sarah's slave woman, Hagar. The Spanish meaning is “God listens”.
  • Kesare The Spanish version of Latin Cesarina, the original meaning is “head of hair” or “long-haired”. Mainly used in the female version.
  • Madeira The feminine version in Spanish, Madeira stands for “sweet wine”. An also known island that was settled by the Portuguese just off of Morroco.
  • Mannie Formed from Emmanuel, this Spanish name means “God is with us”.
  • Melosa This is a beautiful female name used in the Mexican tradition. Always means “sweet and gentle” and fitting for a newborn.
  • Maria– This is a common compound name used in Spanish countries. It is of the female gender and combines Mary and Joseph as the parents of Jesus.
  • Natel A strong rendition of an old Spanish name, its meaning is “born at Christmas” for holiday male babies.
  • Pablo This is the male variant of Paul and stands for “small' in the Spanish language.
  • Pepe A popular Spanish baby boy's name that is derived from the name Joseph. Its translation is “He shall add”.
  • Pueblo This is a common Spanish male name that simply means “from the city”.
  • RamonaA beautiful female Mexican name, the male version is Ramone. The original meaning is “wise protector”.
  • SantinoIn the Spanish language, Santino is related to the name Santo. This is a male name and the original meaning is “little saint”.

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