Any parent knows that having a child is a miraculous life event. If you want to capture that notion, give your baby a name that exudes the beauty of a miracle. This list of baby names that mean miracle is filled with such options. Explore the names below, and select a beautiful name for your little one.

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  • Afsoun — Afsoun is often used in the female gender and is of Persian ancestry. It is well-known across the Arabic world and is associated with
    supernatural elements and means “spell” or “miracles.
  • Amari A beautiful male name of American origin, it has now evolved into a unisex name to include a soft pretty name for a girl. Its meaning is “God's miracle”.
  • Ashish This popular boy name is used mainly in India and Nepal. It means “blessings from God” in indi.
  • Ata Ata is a short and cute baby girl's name that is of Arabic origin. It also means “miracle” in Arabic.
  • Barack Swahili in origin, the Arabic root of the name is “blessing.” A good name for a baby boy, this name became famous after Barack Obama.
  • Boone Boone is a trendy name for a boy and is of English origin. With the meaning of “miracle”, it is gaining popularity.
  • DianaDiana has multiple meanings, one of which is “miracle”. It is a variation of Diane and comes from Indo-European roots.
  • Dorek Dorek is a version of Theodore in the Polish language. It is originally of Gothic and Old Greek. A nice change for a boy's name, it is not common and means “miracle”.
  • Galdur – A common name used in Icelandic tales, Galdur can mean “miracle” or “magic”.
    A name associated with supernatural phenomena and used in either sex.
  • Hansel Hansel is of German origin and is recognized as Hansel in Hansel and Gretal. It is of the male gender meaning “God is gracious”.
  • IanDerived from the Gaelic name John, Ian is of Scottish origin and is a popular name. It means “miracle”.
  • JaneThis sweet female name is not as plain as it may sound. It has Hebrew origins, is highly symbolic, and means “a gift from God”.
  • JesseJesse is a unisex name with the feminine version known as Jessica. Hebrew in origin, the name means “gift of God” or “miracle”.
  • Karishma This unisex name is not well-known, but follows the “ah” sound that is popular with names like Sophia and Noah for a nice flowing name. It means “miracle” in Hindi/Sanskrit and has been known to be shortened to Kari.
  • Loreto Loreto is a unisex name that comes from a town in Italy. Biblical lore has it that the angels of Nazareth carried the Virgin Mary along this path. It is Hebrew meaning “miraculous”.
  • Marvel A pretty girl name, Marvel became popular about 5 decades ago. The name comes from French roots and means “miracle”.
  • Milagros Of Spanish origin, Milagros is the feminine version. Milagro is the male version and they both mean “miracles”.
  • Miracle This unisex name gets right to the point. In Latin, it is derived from miraculum, meaning marvel or wonder. This word is defined in the dictionary as “divine act”. The name is often shortened to Mia or Mira.
  • Mirielle Pronounced ‘mee-ray’, this pretty girl's name is of French origin and means “miraculous”.
  • Nasya A famous girl's name in Israel, Nasya is of Hebrew origin. It means “miracle” and is among the top 20 names.
  • NathanielA boy's name of Hebrew origin, Nathaniel is a common name in many countries. It means “God has given” or “miracle of God”.
  • Ohanna The origin of Ohanna is Hebrew and is a beautiful name for a baby girl, meaning God's gracious gift”.
  • Sachi Sachi is a Japanese girl's name and is short for Sachiko. Becoming more popular in the United States, it stands for “miracle”.
  • Toha Toha is an Arabic name and is used for girls. The name is derived from the Latin words “istunus” or “iustus”, but means “gift of God” in Arabic.
  • Zelig Zelig or Selig is an uncommon Greek name for boys that is delightful and masculine. It translates to “miracle”.

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