Inspire a brightness that comes from within for your little boy by giving a brilliant, colorful name. This list of baby boy names that mean rainbow is filled with a bevy of options — from to Meyer to Lucian to Walken and beyond. Take a look and find the perfect name for your son!

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  • Inaam A boy's name meaning “a gift from God,” Inaam has Arabic origins.
  • Keshet This popular Indian name means rainbow. It is a boy's name.
  • Zain An unusual, adventurous name for boys that means “godly light.” This name has Hebrew origins.
  • Barack The name of the 43rd and 44th President of the United States, Barack is a special name of Swahili origin. It means “blessing,” which we receive any time a rainbow forms in the sky.
  • LucianThis name is an alternate version of the popular boy's name, Lucas. It means “bringer of light” and has Latin and Greek origins.
  • Jaimie This name can also be spelled, Jamie. The definition of the name is “spread the light” and it has Japanese origins.
  • Amphorn A Thai name that means “sky,” it's a great choice for its uniqueness that has reference to the rainbow.
  • RustyThe name Rusty represents two colors of the rainbow: red and orange. The name means “red-headed” and is of American origin.
  • Gil This Hebrew name means “bright promise.” Rainbows give us hope and promise us a beautiful tomorrow. It is a good name for a boy that isn't often used.
  • Meyer This name means “the bright one.” It has Jewish origins and is a name that suits any boy well.
  • Dillion A very popular name for boys, Dillon means “ray of hope,” the exact feelings we get when seeing a rainbow in the sky. This name has Irish origins.
  • MicahA common name for boys, Micah has Biblical origins and means “a gift from God.”
  • Enfes This name is very unusual for a boy. It has a Welsh origin and means “rainbow.”
  • Raiden A modern and unique boy's name, Raiden means “thunder and lightning.” The Greek origin name is dark and mysterious.
  • Walken — This name means “rainbow” and hails from Greek origin.
  • LuzThis unique name for boys means “light.” It has Spanish origins and works well as a rainbow-themed name.
  • Donatien A Latin name for boys meaning “given by God.” We receive rainbows from God, making this name perfect for a little rainbow boy.
  • Hikaru A great choice if you want a Japanese boy's name that means “light or radiance.”
  • NathanielThis name has Hebrew origins. It means “the gift of God.”
  • KiranThis name means “ray of light,” a perfect way to describe the appearance of a rainbow in the sky. The modern name is unique and fun and has Hindu origins.
  • Akash This Indian name for boys means “open space or sky.” Rainbows perfectly fill those voids with beautiful, bright colors.
  • Uri This boy's name is of Hebrew origin and means “my light.”
  • Jasper“Bringer of treasure” is the definition of the name Jasper. It has a Persian origin.
  • Raiden This unique name means “God of thunder and lightning.” It is a masculine name with a Hebrew origin.
  • DominicAnother name for boys that reacts to rainbow is Dominic. It is a fairly popular name that means “Belonging to God.” The name has Catholic Biblical references.

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