Whether you're looking for a name that gives a nod to a certain color or your looking to celebrate all the colors, this list of girl names that mean rainbow is filled with so many beautiful options. Check out the list — from Celia to Scarlett to Helena and beyond — and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Godiva A name that means “God's gift.” Godiva is most often associated with the chocolate candy manufacturer bearing the name. It has an English origin.
  • Miku An unusual, playful name for a girl, Miku has Japanese origins. This name means “beautiful sky.” Rainbows make the sky light up with beautiful colors.
  • Amberlay An Indian version of the name Amberly. Both mean “sky.” The sweet and feminine name is a unique choice for a girl outside of India.
  • Celestine This gorgeous, mature name for girls means “of the sky.” The name has an English origin.
  • Senna — This Arabic name means “brightness.”
  • ElianaA feminine, graceful name, Eliana means “God has answered,” which a rainbow certainly is. The unique name for girls has a Greek origin.
  • VioletOne of the colors of the rainbow as well as a beautiful flower, the name Violet for girls is soft, sensual, and unique. The name evoked beauty, peace, and power, all qualities every girl needs.
  • Amitola This cute name is feminine and fun. It has Native American origins and means “rainbow.”
  • Jenica This unique name for girls has Romanian origin. It means “God's gracious gift.”
  • ZivaA unique name for girls meaning “brilliance, brightness,” both descriptions of the beautiful rainbow. The name has Hebrew origin.
  • CeliaA feminine form of the common name Celeste, Celia means “heavenly.” The name has Latin origins.
  • Felicia This Spanish name means “lucky,” which describes anyone in the presence of the rainbow.
  • FelicityA form of Felicia, the name Felicity is uncommon. It means “good fortune.”
  • Mirai A rainbow is a miracle from God, the exact definition of the name Mirai. It is feminine and sensual to say and has Basque origins.
  • AlinaA beautiful name for girls with a Greek origin, the name Alina is feminine and soft. The unique name means “light,” a great choice for a rainbow name.
  • ScarlettThe name Scarlett means “bright red.” It is a common name for a girl.
  • Iridana A unique name for girls, Iridana has Greek origins and means “a rainbow.”
  • Celeste: baby name for girls is not uncommon though its usage has dwindled in recent years. The name means “a heavenly body.”
  • Indria This name of Indian origin means “Goddess of the storms and rain.” It is the perfect name choice for a girl symbolizing the weather that creates a rainbow.
  • EvelynThe name Evelyn means “wish upon a child.” If you love to wish upon a rainbow you understand the relevance of this old-school name with Hebrew origins.
  • Puleng This unique name means “in the rain,” a great choice for a rainbow-themed name for a girl. The name has Sotho origins.
  • HelenaThis name means “shining bright,” just as a rainbow when it forms in the sky. The girl's name has Greek origins.
  • Aethra This pretty name for girls can be difficult to pronounce for some people. It is unique and means “bright sky.” It has a Greek background.
  • Ciela This sweet-sounding feminine name has a beautiful meaning of “heavenly, from the sky.” It has Esperanto origins.
  • Sema Another simple, one-syllable name meaning “sky.” It has Turkish origins where it's a popular name for girls.

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