From Latifa to Kyomi to Lydia and beyond, each of these girl names that mean kind are feminine and virtuous. Take a look and fine the perfect fit for your daughter!

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  • Insea This name means “kind, innocent.” It has a Greek origin.
  • Adalina“Of a noble kind,” Adalina is a unique, fun name for a little girl. The name has an Old German heritage.
  • Latifa Latifa means “kind, gentle, and pleasant.” Rapper and actress Queen Latifa is the most commonly known usage of the name.
  • SerenityParents looking for a popular girl's name meaning kind can appreciate the name Serenity. Derived from the Latin “serenous,” Serenity means “kind and calmness.”
  • Caron Meaning “Loving and gentle,” Caron has several spelling and pronunciation variations so parents can give their daughter a unique twist on a common name.
  • RuthRuth is a Biblical name, the mother of Jesus, and a kind woman. The name Ruth has a Hebrew origin.
  • AdaAda means “graceful and noble.” It has a Greek origin.
  • Dora The name Dora means “kind, a gift from God.” It is derived from the name Doretha and has a Greek origin.
  • Rea name means “truthfulness and kindness. It has a Greek origin.
  • Agi — This Greek girl's name means “good and noble.”
  • Azaria A Hebrew name that means “helped by God,” any girl named Azaria is sure to live a fulfilled, protected life of good faith and strong will.
  • Concordia This Latin name means “peace, harmony.” The name is feminine yet has a ring of authority that will earn her respect later in life.
  • Agatha “A good woman who is kind at heart,” the name Agatha was popularized by writer Agatha Christie. The name is stern yet approachable.
  • Dayaa Meaning “compassionate,” the name Dayaa is a Hindu name that remains quite popular in India.
  • Aagji This Greek name works best for a girl but can suffice as a boy's name. It means kind, good.”
  • LexiDerived from the name Alexis, the name Alexis means kind defender of mankind. The name has a French origin.
  • Mehar An Indian name, Mehar means kind in all that she does.
  • Kyomi This girl's name has Japanese heritage. It means “beautiful and kind,” both qualities any little girl will be proud to hold.
  • AlinaThis name means “the noble one.” A girl with this name is pure in heart and intention.
  • LydiaThis Greek girl's name is powerful and prominent, yet still feminine and kind. The definition of Lydia is “noble, kind; of the noble sort.”
  • Nila This name means “kind and charming.” Nila has a Greek origin.
  • Charys Charys means “charity, kind, good.” It is original and modern. This name for a girl is sure to strike up many conversations for her.
  • Karesa This beautiful Greek name means “grace, kindness.” A little girl named Karesa will grow up to be all-around amazing.
  • FelicityActress Felicity Hoffman is the most well-known person with this Latin name which means “good fortune, happy.”
  • DaliaA Hebrew name with the meaning “branch or gentle,” Dalia is sweet, gentle, and feminine for parents searching for a name with those qualities.

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