All parents should desire to raise kind children. Instill this virtue from an early age by giving them a name that means just that. From Mercy to Jude to Winnie and beyond, this list of baby names that mean kind is filled with a variety of options for both boys and girls.

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  • AlexMore boys than girls get the name Alex, but it works for girls, too. Alex means “defender of mankind,” and is a shortened form of the name Alexander. It has a Greek origin.
  • Caris Meaning “full of grace and love,” Caris is a name that can be used for a boy or a girl and can alternate in its pronunciation. Caris has a Hebrew origin. Soft to speak, the name portrays a gentle child.
  • JudeJude is simple, bold, and dynamic. It suits either sex. The name has Hebrew origins and its definition means “kind praise.”
  • Mercy Meaning “kind and just,” this Old English name has become more common in recent years. The name suits both boys and girls.
  • Obioma This name means “good heart, generous, and kind.” It has an African heritage. Name a boy or girl Obioma for a solid, unique, fun name.
  • Calia This sweet and sensual name grows with a child. The name means “kind and beautiful person.”
  • Garbo This name means kind and courteous. It has an Italian origin and can be used to name either a boy or to a girl.
  • Tova Tova means “good or pleasant.” The name has a Swedish origin.
  • Winnie A name for a boy or girl, Winnie means “holy peacemaking, gentle.”
  • EllisThe name Ellis means “benevolent.” It's most commonly used as a boy's name but works great as a unique girl's name.
  • Kapono This Hawaiian name means “fair, kind, and righteous.” A child named Kapono has a high moral duty to himself and others. This name is popular and fun.
  • Yoshi This Japanese name is extremely popular for boys and girls. It means “good, respectful.”
  • AceCommonly used as a nickname for Alexander, the name Ace means “unity, kind.” It has a Latin origin.
  • Mehri This is a good name for a boy or a girl. It has Persian origins and means “kind, lovable, sunny.”
  • Hanny Meaning “filled with grace and of a kind heart,” Hanny has several alternative spellings and can be given to a girl or a boy. Hanny is an American name.
  • Tirion Another name for a boy or girl is Tirion. This name means “gentle, kind” and has a Welsh origin.
  • Clement Clement suits as a first or second name for girls or boys. It has old age verbiage and is very uncommonly used as a name for either gender. Clement means “one who is merciful.”
  • Rifqa A pretty name that works as a masculine name for boys, Rifqa means “kindness.” The name has an Urdu origin.
  • Noha This Arabic name can be used as a name for girls or boys. It means “kind and wise.”
  • Ebele An African name meaning “kind and courteous,” Ebele is smooth and sensational, yet calming and respectable. Use this name for boys or girls.

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