If you're looking to raise a true gentleman — one who is both gentle and kind — then consider giving your son a name from this list of boy names that mean kind. Each is masculine yet evokes an approachable strength. Take a look!

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  • Opkar name means “of benevolence and to be kind.” It has a Sikh origin.
  • Elrich Gaelic name of a former ruler, Elrich has a meaning of “kind and wise.” He'll grow into a smart leader with a big heart.
  • Kalman is a German boy's name that means “kind and generous.”
  • Amin name is a combination of Indian and Arabic origin. The name means “faithful, honest.”
  • Esmename Esme means “kind defender.” He'll grow up to protect others in the time of need. This name has Greek origins.
  • Cody An Irish/Gaelic name, Cody simply means “kind.”
  • Hiroshi Japanese name meaning “generous and tolerant,” Hiroshi is a name commonly given to boys in Japan, but not as widely used in the U.S. or other countries.
  • KadinArabic name meaning “a kind friend,” the name Kadin is simple, modern, but not overused. It's popular in the U.S. and other countries alike.
  • Garethboy who is kind and gentle, the name Gareth was the name of a gentle knight. The name has a Welsh origin.
  • Kota This Japanese name for boys means “happiness, good fortune.”
  • Gennady for a Russian name for boys? The name Gennady is a good choice. It means “noble, generous.”
  • Rauf Muslim name meaning “to be kind,” Rauf is a name perfect for a strong-willed boy with a heart of gold.
  • Kevin“handsome and kind,” Kevin is a great name choice for parents looking for a simple and common name for their son. The name was once ranked in the “top 100 baby names” list.
  • Kedrick name means ” kindly, loved or the gift of splendor.” The name comes from English origin.
  • Bahram name Bahram has an Iranian origin and means “good-natured and nice.”
  • Kareemthe name Kareem for your boy if you want him to grow into a mature, kind-hearted man one day. The name means “kind, generous.” The name has an Arabic origin.
  • Bendigo This name means “kindly, good.” It has an Italian origin.
  • Alman Arabic name meaning “kind, willing, and wise,” the name suits any baby boy welcomed into your life.
  • Sabir Meaning “Smart, kind, and patient,” Sabir is an Arabic name.
  • Raham Jewish name meaning “compassion and mercy,” Raham works well for any little boy who will grow to be a kind soul in his adulthood.
  • Gudmundur Russian name for a boy is very unique. It means “good protection, kind protection of God.”
  • Fayad name Fayad means “generous, good, advantage.” The name is popular in Middle Eastern countries and inside the U.S.
  • Ganei derivative of Gennady, this Russian boy's name means “generous, noble.”
  • Hannan name for boys means “he who is most compassionate.” It has Jewish origins and while a common name, it is not overly used so much that it is boring or bleak.
  • Jasdayl unique name meaning “glory of kindness,” he who shares this name will possess a heart of gold throughout his life. The name has Sikh origins.

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