When selecting an Arabic boy name for your son, there are plenty of impressive options to choose from. From the more common name Abdul, to the celebrity-sounding Shaquille, to the more unique option like Haroun, here is a list of 25 Arabic boy names that will help guide your selection process. Take a look!

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  • AbdulAbdul is a boy Arabic name used widely across Muslim communities. Meaning “servant of Allah”, it has strong religious connections as it's the name of the Prophet Mohammed's father and son.
  • Ahmad Ahmad is one of the many favorite Arabic boy names. It means “greatly praised” and is a variation of the name “Muhammad”.
  • Aladdin Aladdin has strong Arabic origins as a boy name. Not only does it mean “height of religion”, but it's also backed by the popularity of the beloved Disney character.
  • Hamzah Hamzah is a bold boy's name with Arabic roots. It's a meaningful choice in the Islamic world as it's the uncle's name who also protected the Prophet of Islam, fitting as the name means “lion or strong”.
  • Haroun Haroun is a smooth-sounding Arabic boy's name. It's a variation of “Aaron” that means “high mountain; exalted; enlightened”.
  • Hassan Hassan is one of the more familiar Arabic names for boys. This is also a nice choice for a beautiful baby as it means “handsome”.
  • Hussein Hussein is an Arabic boy's name that's gaining traction cross-culturally. It means “small, handsome one”, perfect for that newborn baby boy.
  • Ibrahim Ibrahim is an Arabic variation for the common name “Abraham”. Meaning “father of multitudes”, it is popular amongst Muslim families around the world.
  • IsiahIsiah is a gentle Arabic variation of the name “Isaiah”. It's fitting for religious-inclined parents as it means “salvation of the Lord”.
  • JamilJamil is a gorgeous Arabic name for a baby boy. More so thanks to its meaning of “beautiful, handsome”.
  • KadeemKadeem can make for a trendy name with Arabic origins. It means “servant”, and it has a nice flair to it compared to the popular “Kareem” option.
  • KareemKareem is a more traditional Arabic name that has strong popularity in Muslim and Western countries. It fits parents who envision of having a giving baby boy as it means “noble, generous”.
  • Khalid Khalid is an Arabic boy's name that continues to climb in popularity. It has a strong meaning of “immortal, everlasting”.
  • MalikMalik, despite its Arabic roots, is highly popular among African-American families. It fits a strong baby boy as it means “king; wave”.
  • Mustafa Mustafa is an Arabic name used for boys that's backed in Muslim religion since it's an epithet for the Prophet Muhammad. It means “the chosen one”, fittingly.
  • MuhammedMuhammed is a variation of “Muhammad” with Arabic roots frequently used among Turkey Muslim families. It means “praiseworthy”.
  • NasirNasir is a strong baby boy name with Arabic roots. It means “helper”, and it comes with the cool nickname of “Nas”.
  • OmarOmar is a wonderfully unique Arabic boy name. Meaning “eloquent; flourishing, thriving”, it fits with parents that want a religious-based name as it's also found in the Old Testament book Genesis.
  • Salman Salman is an Arabic name with historic roots as it's the name of one of Muhammad's companions. It can bring forth feelings of comfort and security as it means “safety”.
  • Shaquille Shaquille isn't just an Arabic name, but it holds great popularity thanks to the famous U.S. basketball player Shaquille O'Neal. It means “well developed, handsome”, perfect for a baby boy.
  • Tariq Tariq is a strong Arabic boy name. It's bold and features an interesting meaning of “the one who knocks at the door”.
  • Umar Umar is a masculine Arabic name that can be seen as an alternative to “Omar”. It means “flourishing, thriving”.
  • Yasir Yasir is a recognizable Arabic name for boys. It works for parents who want to bring forth feelings of future prosperity as it means “wealthy, prosperous”.
  • XavierXavier is backed by Arabic and Basque origins. Ever-growing in popularity, the name means “new house”.
  • Zayn Zayn is an Arabic boy's name that quickly shot up the popularity chart thanks to the former boy band member Zayn Malik from One Direction. It also has a lovely meaning of “beauty, grace”.

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