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Isiah is a strong, spiritual name with biblical roots that is derived from Isaiah. The prophet Isaiah is a figure who is revered by Jewish people, Christians, and Muslims. As a result, Isiah is a name that's used for baby boys around the world. Keep reading to learn more about Isiah's universal appeal.

Meaning of the name Isiah:

Arabic: The Lord helps me
Hebrew: God saves

Origin of the name Isiah:

Hebrew. Isiah is a name with Hebrew roots that means “God saves.” It is the name of a prophet in all Abrahamic religions.

Symbolism of the name Isiah:

The name Isiah symbolizes God's ability to save.

Style of the name Isiah:


Gender of the name Isiah:

Isiah has been a traditional masculine name for centuries.

Pronunciation of the name Isiah:


Syllables in the name Isiah:


Emotion evoked from the name Isiah:

The name Isiah is a spiritual name with religious undertones.

Alternative spellings for the name Isiah:

Isaiah, Isaia.

Nicknames for the name Isiah:

Aye, Izzy, Zaya.

Popularity of the name Isiah:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Isiah made the list of the top 1,000 baby names every year from 1900 through 2013. The name stayed in the top 500 for most of that time!

Related names for the name Isiah:

Esaiah, Essaiah.

Great middle names for Isiah and their meanings:

  • Ashton (ash tree town)
  • Benjamin (son of the right hand)
  • Craig (rocky place)
  • Ever (always)
  • Ezra (help, aid)
  • Garth (garden keeper)
  • Gene (noble)
  • River (flowing body of water)
  • Wilton (place by the stream)
  • Victor (winner, conqueror)

Famous people with the name Isiah:

  • Isiah Kiner Falefa (professional baseball shortstop)
  • Isiah Thomas (former professional basketball player)
  • Isiah Whitlock Jr. (American actor)

Isiahs in movies/pop culture:

This spelling of Isiah hasn't yet made its mark on popular culture.

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