Many people believe in a higher power as the almighty creator of life and the world. If you'd like to honor your higher power, perhaps consider giving your child one of these baby names that mean god. Whether they literally mean “god” or they give nod to a higher power, each is unique, impactful and worthy of your consideration. Take a look!

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  • Oarabile A new parent of the Tswana African tribe or a descendant of such individuals might title an infant boy or girl Oarabile. In their language, the moniker translates into the expression God answered.
  • Baridakara The Ogoni people of Nigeria often designate newborns by this title. In the Ogoni tongue, Baridakara means God answers prayers.
  • Anaiah Hebrew-conversing mothers and fathers could designate a baby son or daughter Anaiah. When interpreted from said language, the denomination equates to the phrase God has answered.
  • Olubunmi Children born to parents of the Yoruba tribe may be named Olubunmi. In the Yoruban tongue, the honorific means God has gifted me.
  • Eseoghene Eseoghene is gender-neutral offering typically handed down by members of Nigeria’s Urhobo peoples. In the Urhobo language, the moniker honors God’s gifts.
  • DanielThis classic biblical designation holds significant Hebrew origins. In said tongue, Daniel means God is my judge. Bearers are often addressed by nicknames like Dan and Danny.
  • ElianaEliana is a feminine denomination. It also possesses Hebrew origins and is interpreted into the expression God has answered.
  • Lazarus This powerful name dating back to biblical times is handed down to newborn boys. Language historians maintain that the title carries Greek and Hebrew roots and translates into the phrase God is my helper. Said individuals also suggest that the name is a variation of Eleazar.
  • JasmineThe female moniker Jasmine’s origins are Persian. When translated from this ancient language, the honorific means gift from God. However, Jasmine is also a popular flower. Furthermore, the name has been adopted by countless cultures.
  • ZaneLinguistic professionals argue that the name Zane holds Arabic roots. Additionally, the male denomination translates into the phrase God is gracious. It is also considered a variant of John. One of its most famous holders was the late American author Zane Grey.
  • Chinasa Daughters born into the Nigerian Igbo tribe might receive the offering Chinasa. In the Igbo language, the title means God answers prayers.
  • IsaiahIsaiah is a designation given to boys. When interpreted from Hebrew, the honorific equates to the expression salvation of the Lord.
  • Anael The Hebrew tongue can also boast this female title’s beginnings. In said language, Anael means God has answered.
  • Oladahunsi Moms and Dads in the Yoruba tribe might denominate a newborn boy Oladahunsi. In English, this offering is translated to mean God answers me.
  • SamanthaSamantha is a classic name given to girls. In Hebrew, the designation represents words told by God. The moniker is also the feminized version of Samuel.
  • Bogdan This Slavic name is bestowed upon infant boys. When interpreted from various Slavic tongues, Bogdan means given by God.
  • IsabelThe roots of the feminine title are Spanish. In English, Isabel translates into the expression pledged to God. Moreover, it enjoys several acceptable spellings and is the Spanish variant of Elizabeth.
  • Adeodatus Adeodatus is a Latin moniker handed down to infant boys. It means given by God. Two Popes have held this honorific.
  • DorotheaGirls born to Greek families might receive the offering Dorothea. In said tongue, the name is interpreted to mean gift from God.
  • TheodoreGreece can additionally claim the male moniker Theodore’s roots. In Greek, the designation celebrates a gift from God. Arguably, its most famous holder was the late United States President Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Godiva Godiva is a feminine title. In old English, the name means gift from God.
  • Amos The roots of this male moniker are Hebrew. In English, the offering translates into the expression carried by God.
  • NatalieNatalie’s ancestry traces back to France. In French, the denomination celebrates the Lord’s birthday. However, the honorific has since been adopted by various other cultures and can be spelled several different ways.
  • Thaddeus The history of the masculine designation Thaddeus dates back to when Aramaic was commonly spoken. In the tongue used by Jesus, Thaddeus means a gift from God.
  • GabriellaThe nation of Italy is where the title Gabriella first took hold. In Italian, the denomination represents the saying God is my strength. It has also been adopted by numerous other cultural backgrounds.

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