From Siobhan, which means “God is gracious,” to Lisa, which means “pledged to God,” each of these girl names that mean god is feminine and unique. Peruse the options, including the meanings and origin, to find the perfect name that means god for your daughter.

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  • ElizabethThis English-rooted female title is used throughout the world. It means pledged to God. Arguably, its most famous current holder is England’s Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Odelia Odelia’s ancestry is Hebrew. When translated from that tongue, the name means I will praise the Lord.
  • ShaunaSome might not realize that the girl’s name Shuana holds Hebrew roots. It means God is gracious. Moreover, the moniker is a variant of the male title Shawn.
  • BettinaBettina is an Italian name awarded to girls. It translates into the phrase God is my oath. The offering is also considered the Italian version of Elizabeth.
  • ZelmaGerman-conversing parents might designate newborn daughters Zelma. It means God’s helmet.
  • Tanaquil This history of this feminine title can be traced back to Etruscan times. In said language, Tanaquil celebrates the gifts from God.
  • Feodora Persons born to Slavic cultures might designate infant girls Feodora. The moniker recognizes the gifts from God and is a variation of the feminine title Teodora.
  • Jeanine Jeanine is a feminine title rooted in the French language. When interpreted from this language, the offering means God is gracious.
  • JaneThis common girl’s name holds English origins. The honorific recognizes the fact that God is gracious.
  • Siobhan Persons of Irish extraction might name a newborn daughter Siobhan. When interpreted from Irish and Gaelic, the moniker means God is gracious. Moreover, the denomination is pronounced Shi-Vawn.
  • MariahMariah is an ancient Hebrew designation bestowed upon girls. In English, the offering recognizes that the Lord is my teacher. One of the title’s most famous holders is pop singer Mariah Carey.
  • NatashaThose with Russian ancestry likely know the female title Natasha means birthday of the Lord. In addition, the moniker is a variation of Natalie.
  • MichelleThough common to English-conversing peoples, Michelle’s name origins are actually French. The designation begs the question who is like God. Furthermore, Michelle is the female variant of Michael.
  • JoanJoan is a girl’s name. When translated from its native English, the honorific recognizes the fact that God is gracious.
  • Lisa Lisa is another feminine name possessing English heritage. In said tongue, the moniker means pledged to God.
  • ArielleParents of French extraction might denominate an infant girl Arielle. In this language, the title means the lion of God.
  • Dinah This name is popular amongst Jewish and Hebrew-speaking individuals. When interpreted from the ancient biblical tongue, Dinah equates to the expression God will judge. A famous holder was the late actress Dinah Shore.
  • Hannelore In German, Hannelore translates to the phrase God is my light. Furthermore, the title is typically given to infant girls.
  • Ilsa Ilsa is another female moniker possessing German ancestry. The name means pledged to God and is also a variant of Elizabeth.
  • Pella Pella’s beginnings date back to biblical times. In Hebrew, the feminine title offers wonderment at the marvel of God.
  • SimoneSimone is an increasingly popular girl’s designation. That said, it enjoys a long history that began in Greece. When interpreted from Greek, the offering stresses that God has heard. A celebrated current holder is gold medal-winning American gymnast Simone Biles.
  • Pernita Language historians maintain that this name was first recorded in India. In several of the nation’s dialects, the title translates into the expression God has answered my prayers.
  • AnnikaThe girl’s name Annika first grew to prominence in Sweden. In Swedish, the name means God is gracious. Today, the moniker is popular throughout northern and western European cultures.
  • Amarissa Linguistic professionals maintain that Hebrew is the feminine title Amarissa’s birth tongue. The honorific recognizes what is promised by God.
  • Talila Hebrew can also boast Talila as a name it contributed to the world. In said language, it symbolizes the dew produced by God.

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