Whether you're looking for boy names that mean white, or names that indicate something is lighter, this list of options is filled with a tremendous selection. From Laban to Wynn to Oren and beyond, explore these names — complete with meanings and origins — and find the perfect fit for your son.

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  • BarryThis common masculine title first took hold in Irish and Gaelic-speaking cultures. In those tongues, the designation means fair-haired. Additionally, Barry continues to be an immensely popular name in English-speaking countries.
  • Dewitt Dewitt is a masculine name meaning white or blonde-haired. A noted holder is the late politician Dewitt Clinton.
  • Heimdall Norwegian parents might title newborn sons Heimdall. In their native tongue's old dialect, the designation translates to white God.
  • Mackinley Mackinley is a masculine moniker holding Irish and Scottish ancestry. In said tongues, said honorific means son of the white warrior.
  • Wilbur The mothers and fathers of infant sons might designate said children Wilbur. This German-rooted denomination means white. One of its most celebrated possessors is the late father of aviation, Wilbur Wright.
  • WynnThis male title means white in the Welsh tongue. Some language historians suggest the name also recognizes fairness and equity.
  • Wycombe Wycombe is considered a classic English moniker. The honorific dates back to the old English dialect and translates to white valley.
  • Fulvio Persons of Italian ancestry might designate newborn sons Fulvio. It denotes an individual with white or blonde hair.
  • Gael The denomination Gael hails from the Gaelic language. It primarily means white or fair. However, this title also translates to pure. Currently, it is a very popular name in Gaelic-speaking territories and beyond.
  • Laban Sons born to Jewish or Hebrew-conversing individuals might be designated Laban. The title means white and dates all the way back to biblical times.
  • Gaynor This masculine moniker is often given to boys born to Irish or Gaelic-speaking persons. Language historians maintain that the honorific translates to the phrase son of a fair-skinned subject.
  • OrenIn the Hebrew, Irish, and Gealic tongues, Oren is interpreted to mean white or fair. Presently, the denomination continues to grow in popularity and holds several accepted spellings.
  • TrevinTrevin is rooted in old English origins. In said language, the designation means fair town.
  • Rubio Moms and dads possessing Spanish roots might opt to name infant sons Rubio. In that language, the title honors one born with blonde or fair hair.
  • Karem Karem is a boy's name principally meaning fair or white. However, the Turkish and Hungarian-originating moniker also recognizes nobility and generosity.
  • Duane This title traces its beginnings to old English. Duane means fair-haired and has been a consistently common denomination for years.
  • Calogero Italian parents might name newborn sons Calogero. Though the title's principle definition is fair, it also translates to mean old age.
  • Caerwyn Caerwyn is considered a strong title typically given to Welsh boys. Its primary meaning is white. That said, language experts also maintain that said honorific celebrates love, fairness, and blessedness.
  • Bowie This male denomination carrying Scottish and Gaelic roots translates to blonde. Though it can be and is employed as a first name, it is often first recognized as the surname of the legendary, late rock star David Bowie.
  • Bialas Polish mothers and fathers may designate newborn boys Bialas. In said tongue, the honorific translates to the phrase white-haired child.
  • Adil Adil is a boy's name. In Arabic, the title is interpreted to mean fair or white. That said, the denomination additionally celebrates intelligence.
  • Alfio In Italian, this moniker means white. Name historians claim that, as recently as 2018, the title was one of the top honorifics bestowed upon baby boys in Italy.
  • Shahaka Native Americans or those fond of said cultures might name infant sons Shahaka. This name is thought to translate to the saying big white one.
  • Guin The beginnings of this masculine title lie in the Welsh tongue. Guin's main meaning is white. However, the designation also recognizes blessings.
  • Tanwyn – Tanwyn is another Welsh-originated honorific. It means white fire.

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