From literally meaning white to meaning fair-skinned or fair-haired, these baby names that mean white are each beautiful and unique. Explore the list and the meanings of each of these names to find the perfect option for your child.

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  • Bela This gender-neutral title meaning white possesses Czech roots. Notable figures who held this designation are American Congresswoman, Bella Abzug and famed actor Bela Lugosi. Moreover, the name carries several accepted spellings.
  • BlakeBlake is a unisex name meaning white or fair-haired that parents of varying cultures name newborn children. The moniker traces its roots back to the old English tongue.
  • TeaganNew mothers and fathers might title a newborn son or daughter Teagan. In addition to white, the designation references fairness.
  • Keelan In the Irish language, Keelan translates to white. However, the honorific also means fair and slender.
  • FinnPersons of Irish descent might choose to designate a newborn child Finn. In the Irish tongue, the denomination is translated to describe white, fair-skinned subjects.
  • Akos This boy's name connotes a white eagle. Furthermore, the title's origins can be traced back to both the Turkish and Hungarian vernaculars.
  • Albinia Albinia is a name given to infant girls. The title describes those who are fair and white and carries Latin roots.
  • Whitford This distinguished moniker boasts origins in the Old English dialect. Moreover, it connotes one born from the white Ford.
  • Zuleika Moms and dads yearning to title their newborn girl with a powerful name may choose Zuleika. In Arabic, the designation means fair. Additionally, name historians maintain that the denomination's popularity has increased in recent years.
  • Sherlock This famous male moniker dates back to the times Old English was widely spoken. It means fair-haired. Arguably, its most famous holder was the fictitious English detective Sherlock Holmes, who is still often portrayed in print, stage, and the big screen.
  • Nola Nola is a feminine title meaning white shoulder. The name is most common amongst Gaelic-speaking cultures.
  • Kenyon Individuals born to English-speaking nations might designate newborn sons Kenyon. The designation celebrates blonde or white-haired persons.
  • Livana Those frequently using the Hebrew tongue might title infant girls Livana. In said vernacular, the name means white. However, language experts claim that the title also recognizes the moon.
  • GavinGavin dates back to Celtic times and honors the white hawk. One of its most celebrated holders is the late actor Gavin Macleod, who portrayed the beloved captain on the hit television series The Love Boat.
  • GlendaThis feminine title recognizing fairness and goodness holds Welsh origins. Amongst its more recognized possessors is acclaimed English actress Glenda Jackson.
  • Elvio The designation Elvio is given to newborn boys and can trace its beginnings back to the Italian, Spanish, and Latin tongues. In addition to white, the honorific celebrates fair and blonde-haired people.
  • Evanthe Parents of infant girls born to Greek origins might designate said subjects Evanthe. The title is translated to mean a fair, white flower.
  • DwightDwight is a common, yet distinguished masculine denomination meaning white. Linguistic historians trace the title's origins back to the Dutch and German dialects. One of its most famous bearers is the late, decorated American general and president Dwight David Eisenhower.
  • AvenPersons of Irish extraction often designate newborn daughters Aven. Translated from said tongue, the moniker celebrates the beauty of a white flower.
  • Arjun With origins in the Hindi tongue, Arjun translates to white. This male honorific also means bright and shining and is quite popular in India and amongst Indian-Americans.
  • Wenna The name Wenna is bestowed upon infant girls and means white or fair in the Cornish language. Moreover, the title is thought to be a variant of the Welsh designation Gwendolyn.
  • Wyclef This denomination boasts old English roots and translates to white cliff. The noted musician Wyclef Jean is one of its more famed holders.
  • Rowena Welsh parents might designate newborn daughters Rowena. The honorific means white spear.
  • Zadock Zadock is a Hebrew title dating back to biblical periods. Though its primarily defined to mean white, it also describes those who are fair and righteous.
  • Murieanne This feminine moniker possesses Irish heritage. Meaning white, the name is pronounced Mir-Ren like Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren pronounces her surname.

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