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Teagan is a unique Irish baby name that is trendy, fun, and modern. While it is used for boys and for girls, the majority of people in the United States with the name Teagan are girls. The name started to become popular in the mid '90s but saw peak popularity between the mid '00s and the mid '10s.

Meaning of the name Teagan:

little poet, attractive, fair

Origin of the name Teagan:

Teagan is of Irish origin and is derived from the surname O Tadhgain and the given name Tadhg.

Symbolism of the name Teagan:

Teagan means “little poet,” which has nearly endless possibilities for symbolism.

Baby name Teagan

Style of the name Teagan:


Gender of the name Teagan:

Teagan is a unisex name that is more popular for girls than for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Teagan:


Number of syllables in the name Teagan:


Emotion evoked from the name Teagan:

Teagan evokes bright, colorful, and creative emotions.

Alternative spellings for the name Teagan:

Tegan, Taegan, Teaghan, Tadhgan

Nicknames for the name Teagan:

  • Teag
  • Tay
  • Tee

Popularity of the name Teagan:

According to the Social Security Administration, Teagan has been a popular baby name for both boys and girls since the mid 90’s. As a boy’s name Teagan reached peak popularity in 2009. As a girl’s name it peaked in 2016.

Related names for the name Teagan:

Great middle names for the name Teagan and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Teagan:

  • Linda Teagan (American attorney and politician)
  • Teagan Clive (American bodybuilder, actress, and journalist)
  • Teagan Croft (Australian actress)
  • Teagan O'Keeffe (South African BMX rider)

Teagans in popular culture:

  • Teagan (ventriloquist dummy of Ned Nefer)
  • Tegan Jovanka (television, “Doctor Who”)
  • Tegan Price (television, “How to Get Away With Murder”)
  • Tegan Lomax (television, “Hollyoaks”)
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