If you're seeking a mysterious and curious name for your little one, look no further than this list of baby names that mean black. From Donaver to Krishna and beyond, each of these baby names is intriguing and unique. Take a look and find the perfect name for your baby.

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  • Blackwell Blackwell is a gender-neutral baby name that is of English origins. It means “black stream” or “dark stream”.
  • Blakeney Blakeney has its roots in the English language and is used for both boys and girls. It means “from The Black Island”.
  • Brindle Brindle is a term often used to refer to an animal's coat colors, those colors being brownish or tawny with other tones woven in. This baby name has English origins and literally means “a black and tan combination”.
  • Carey Carey is a gender-neutral name hailing from Ireland, meaning “dark” or “black”. Cary and Carrie are both variants. For males, it has been popularized by actor Cary Elwes.
  • Darcy – Although less popularly used in modern times, Darcy was once a popular boy's name thanks to Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. Today, it is mostly used for women or as a surname, but it has regained some traction for males. Darcy means “dark one”, “from Arcy”, or “from the fortress”. Its roots are in Irish and French.
  • Donaver Of American origins, Donaver is a gender-neutral name that means “brown-black”. It is a derivative of the name Donovan.
  • Dublin Taken from the name of a major Irish city, Dublin can be used for males or females. It means “black pool”.
  • Fabre Meaning “blacksmith”, this gender-neutral name is Occitan (a Romance language originating in Southern France and Catalonia) form of Fevre.
  • Fabron Another version of Fabre, Fabron is a French name meaning “blacksmith”. It is not popularly used in the United States but can be used for boys or girls.
  • Ferrari Although you might think of the Maranello-based automaker, Ferrari is a gender-neutral baby name that means “blacksmith” or “ironworker”. Like the automaker, it is Italian in origin.
  • Fèvre Fèvre is a gender-neutral French name that means “blacksmith”. It is not widely used in the US.
  • Hari Though it is typically used for boys, the Hindu name Hari can be applied to girls. It means “dark” or “tawny”. It is akin to the English name Harry. It has risen in popularity in India recently due to actress and TV show presented Hari Teja.
  • Inali Inali is a gender-neutral name that comes from Native American (Cherokee in particular) origins and means “black fox”.
  • Keir – Irish in origin, this gender-neutral baby name means “black”.
  • Krishna A major deity in Hinduism, Krishna is the god of love, tenderness, and compassion. As a baby name, Krishna means “black”.
  • Kumba Aboriginal in origin, Kumba is a gender-neutral baby name that means “black fruit tree”.
  • MerleIf you are a fan of blackbirds, then it might be fitting to name your son or daughter Merle. This name has English origins and means “blackbird”.
  • Onyx Taken from the English word for a popular black gemstone, Onyx can be used for males and females. It is a relatively popular name in the United States.
  • Osceola Of Seminole origin, Osceola is a gender-neutral baby name that means “black drink bellower”. It is more popularly used as a place name, being the name of a county in Michigan.
  • Perran Perran is a gender-neutral name that is also the name of a small Cornish village. It can be taken to mean “little dark one”.
  • RavenRaven is a gender-neutral English baby name that means “blackbird”. It has been popularized by Edgar Allan Poe's poem “The Raven” and the actress Raven-Symone.
  • Sable Most commonly known as a type of animal fur used for making coats, Sable is also an English gender-neutral baby name that means “black”.
  • Sahrahsahe Of Pawnee origin, Sahrahsahe is a gender-neutral baby name that means “black eagle”.
  • Sixsipita Hailing from the Blackfoot tribe, Sixsipita is a gender-neutral baby name that means “black eagle”.
  • Ta-Nehisi With Egyptian roots, this unique gender-neutral baby name means “Nubia – Land of the Black”. It is pronounced Ta-ne-ha-si and has been popularized by Ta-Nehisi Coates, an American journalist.

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