If you're looking for a moody and mysterious name filled with intrigue, then you'll want to take a look at some of these baby names that mean dark. From “Midnight,” which clearly conjures images of darkness, to “Darcy,” which means “dark one,” there are plenty of options to choose from to find the perfect name for your little one.

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  • AdrianAdrian, meaning “son of Adria”, is a fun unisex choice with a name derived from Hadria, a town near the Adriatic Sea that's otherwise known as the “dark sea”.
  • BlakeBlake, with English origins meaning “fair-haired, dark”, is a popular and easy choice for a boy or girl that still has a level of distinctness to stand out.
  • Carey Carey, Irish for “dark, black”, is a simple name option that doesn't sound too soft or too hard.
  • DarcyDarcy, with French and Irish origins meaning “dark one, or from Arcy”, has a further layer of charm thanks to Jane Austen and the famous “Mr. Darcy”.
  • Dinsmore Dinsmore, meaning “dark moor”, is a unique choice seeing as this Celtic name is more often used as a surname rather than a given name.
  • Donahue Donahue, meaning “dark fighter”, is a name that's both classic and trendy, fitting for a baby warrior.
  • Donnelly Donnelly, from Celtic origins meaning “dark brave one”, is a cute gender-neutral name that comes with adorable nickname options like “Don” and “Donny”.
  • Duffy Duffy, Irish for “dark”, is a name filled with such spunk that it's perfect for a creative and joyful baby.
  • Dusk Dusk, a word name representing “twilight; darkening”, can make for an earthy and rich-sounding given name.
  • Ephah Ephah, meaning “darkness, gloom; flying”, is a unique choice when you want something biblical as it's the name for one of Midian's five sons from the Hebrew bible.
  • GarnetGarnet, meaning “pomegranate”, is also a word name associated with the dark red jewel fitting for a beautiful baby.
  • Grimshaw Grimshaw, Old English for “dark woods”, is certainly a standout name that can show how truly special your baby is.
  • KieranKieran, Irish for “little dark one”, is an appealing unisex name that remains a stylish choice.
  • Krishna Krishna, meaning “dark, black”, has beautiful Hindu origins since the name is the human incarnation of the god Vishnu, who also stands for joy and love.
  • Maury Maury, a diminutive of “Maurice” meaning “dark skinned”, may be used for older gentleman, but for babies, it sounds cute.
  • Midnight Midnight, a word name, is an appropriate and cool option when looking for a name to represent the darkness.
  • Nimbus Nimbus, meaning “dark cloud”, is such an intriguing name that isn't often used for babies, but it is still chic nonetheless.
  • Nox Nox, meaning “night”, is the name for the Roman goddess of the night, is a great choice to show off your love of mythology.
  • Onyx Onyx, a dark gem name, is a strong option that sounds nice and husky whether used for a baby boy or baby girl.
  • Perran Perran, meaning “little dark one”, is a lovely saint's name that can also be spelled “Piran”.
  • PhoenixPhoenix, with Greek origins for “dark red”, is a cool name that symbolizes rebirth and brings forth the image of the stunning mythological bird.
  • Shadow Shadow, English for “shade”, works as a fascinating given name that marks your baby as mysterious.
  • SullivanSullivan, meaning “dark eyes” or “black-eyed one”, is a cute way to highlight your baby's eye color.
  • Yami Yami, meaning “darkness” in Japanese, is a name that sounds equally charming and cool.
  • Zil – Zil al-Qamar, a Quranic name for “the dark side of the moon”, is a bold choice that comes with a cute nickname of “Zil”.
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