If you're looking for a solid and brisk-sounding name for your child, consider this list of baby names that mean ice. From Izo, which literally means “ice,” to Garnet, which is the birthstone of January, arguably the iciest month of the year, each of these names brings a frosty vibe that you may want to bestow on your forthcoming sweet, warm soul.

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  • Glaze Glaze is a synonym for ice, and a trendy one-syllable name. It's a fun alternative to the popular Blaze, and can be given to a boy or girl.
  • JuniperJuniper is an evergreen plant that thrives despite the weather. Juniper will continue to grow, even in the iciest conditions. Juniper lends itself well as a girls' name, but there's nothing that stops parents from making it a great boys' name too.
  • WrenWren is a winter bird that flies in all types of weather. When most birds are heading south to avoid snow and ice, the wren is happy to stay where it is.
  • Storm Storm is a unisex name for parents that want something non-traditional. Ice storms can be scary, but the majestic ice creations after the storm are beautiful. Storm is perfect for boy or girl babies. Parents that want something a bit more feminine can add a “y” to the end to create Stormy.
  • Spruce Spruce is a type of tree. It is one of the only types of trees found in icy, subarctic forests. Spruce is an edgy alternative to Bruce.
  • Vail Vail is a subtly icy name. Vail is a skiing resort that is known around the world for being a snowy and icy place to visit. It's one-syllable pronunciation makes it a trendy choice.
  • Qinoq Qinoq is a rare name due to its' spelling and inclusion of two Qs. Adding to the names' uniqueness is its meaning “ice sludge.”
  • Nilak Nilak is a rare name that is beautiful to say. The name has Greenlandic origins and means “freshwater ice.”
  • Snow Snow is an easy choice when considering an ice-inspired name for your little one. It is one-syllable and flows off the tongue.
  • WinterWinter, like snow, is associated with ice due to the season. It's a beautiful word, which makes it a great name choice for boys and girls. A cute alternative spelling of Winter would be Wynter. A quirky nickname option for Winter is Winnie, which use to only be the shortened version of Winifred.
  • Izo Izo is a cool name that literally translates to mean “ice” in Japanese. The short and punchy pronunciation makes it a great boy or girl name.
  • North North is a direction. The coldest and iciest part of the world is the North Pole. The name rose in popularity after Kanye West and Kim Kardashian gave it to their eldest child.
  • JanuaryJanuary is the first month of the year. It's also the time of year when many parts of the globe are covered in ice and snow. The month name is perfect for boys or girls. Nickname options for girls include Jane and Jan. Jan is also an acceptable boys' nickname. A female version of January is Janera.
  • GarnetGarnet is the birthstone for babies born in January. Since January is an icy time of year for most parts of the world, it's a great unisex baby name. Babies born in January with red hair would make the perfect candidate for this icy name as garnets are dark red in color.
  • Nevada Nevada is another place name that is perfect as a unisex baby name. The “a” on the end makes it girly, but it's perfect for a boy as well. Along with being the name of a western US state, Nevada also means “snow-capped” and where there's snow, there's usually ice.

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