Few things are as pure as a newborn baby. Give your little one a lasting sense of true authenticity and love with one of these baby names that mean pure. From Kit to Halo and beyond, each is unique and beautiful. Take a look!

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  • Amaljeet In Indian culture, Amaljeet translates to ‘pure song' or ‘pure victory.' Often used as a boy's name, Amaljeet also works for a girl. Amalgeet is an alternate spelling.
  • Bai Bai (pronounced pie) is a Chinese name borne in the 8th century. This gender-neutral moniker means ‘white or pure.'
  • Calin Calin has French, Irish, Greek, and English roots. The name takes on several meanings, including pure.
  • Cary A variant of Carey, the handle Cary is of Celtic, Irish, and Welsh origins. The name takes on various definitions. In English, however, it means pure.
  • Diamanto Elegant and unique, the moniker Diamanto has Greek roots. This gender-neutral name points to ‘one who is pure, strong, and sharp as a diamond.'
  • HaloHalo has roots in Ancient Greek, Latin, and English languages. Metaphorically, it represents the ‘aura or ‘pure light' floating above a saint's head. Literally, the word describes the disk around the moon or sun. And, in Beyonce's song Halo, the artist refers to the light of her angel's halo.
  • Ivory Ivory is an African name meaning ‘pure and elegant.' Also, ivory refers to the creamy-white substance that forms an elephant's tusk.
  • Jie The first name Jie has a Chinese origin. Pronounce this gender-neutral name CHYEH.
  • Jun Jun is a Chinese name assigned to both genders. It means ‘pure and genuine.'
  • KasenThe Scandinavian moniker Kasen has Greek and English roots. It's a gender-neutral name meaning pure.
  • Kendis Kendis has roots in Latin, Greek, and Egyptian languages. The moniker is a blend of the names Ken and Candis.
  • Kick Kick is an amusing oxymoron. As a word, it refers to a baby's activity in the womb, but as a name, Kick means pure. Few parents use Kick as a first name. Instead, it takes place as a middle or nickname. Financier and politician Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., and his wife Rose, called their daughter Kathleen “Kick” because of her perky personality.
  • Kit Short and sweet, Kit is a short form of Khristophoros, Christopher, Katherine, and Kirsten. It is of Greek origin and translates to pure.
  • Kiyo Kiyo is a traditional Japanese moniker that means ‘pure and holy.' The name became popular during the Edo period (between 1603 and 1867) and remains one of the most chosen Japanese names today.
  • NakiaNakia means ‘pure and faithful' in the Arabic language. Although it's a gender-fluid name, parents who have girls seem to like it better.
  • Nouvel From the French, meaning ‘new or untouched,' Nouvel is an androgynous name. It's the surname of French architect Jean Nouvel and the middle name of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter Shiloh.
  • Puneeth Puneeth is a unisex name of Indian origin. It refers to a person who is ‘pure and holy.'
  • Raynah The moniker Raynah is of Hebrew origin. The name is suitable for males or females.
  • Safaa Safaa is an Arabic name derived from safa, meaning pure. It is also the name of a sacred hill in the Mecca Province.
  • Safiya The name Safiya is of Egyptian, African origin. It is a non-binary name that symbolizes purity.
  • Seijun In Japanese culture, Kanji characters express this gender-neutral name, which means ‘authentic and innocent.' U.S. records of the name date back to December 10, 1888.
  • Snow Snow is a symbolic name that represents ‘pure or fresh,' making it ideal for babies born in the winter months. Shakespeare used this Old English-origin word to depict purity in many of his plays, including The Winter's Tale.
  • Sook The Korean name Sook means natural. Suk is a variant of this single-syllable moniker.
  • WynnAn adorable Welsh name meaning ‘fair and pure.' Wynn is an Old English moniker, perfect for a boy or girl.
  • Zaki Zaki is one of the few unisex monikers that start with the letter Z, meaning pure. It has Arabic and Hebrew roots and is a variation of Zakia.

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