It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lay the foundation for a beautiful life for your little by bestowing upon them a name that means, quite literally that. Select an option from this list of baby names that mean beauty, and your little one will be set up for a most meaningful and impactful life, and it all begins with a name!

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  • Adin Adin offers a stylish take on the monikers Aodhan, Aiden, and Aidan. It has several meanings including, attractive and everlasting bliss. In some cultures, this gender-neutral name translates to a leader. It also refers to Adin in the Bible, who returned from exile after decades of captivity in Babylon.
  • Bayle The name Bayle is a gender-fluid moniker of English origin. It’s a variant of the name Bailey.
  • BeauThe moniker Beau is an obvious option for a gorgeous baby boy or girl. It is of Old French, meaning ‘handsome or beautiful.’
  • BellamyBellamy is a unisex name. It includes two Latin words: bellus, meaning beautiful, and amicus, which means friend.
  • Delwyn The name Delwyn is of Welsh influence. It denotes ‘pretty and white.'
  • Eirian Eirian is a Welsh name. This gender-fluid moniker translates to ‘lovely and bright.'
  • Hazen Hazen is a Dutch moniker, meaning ‘smooth and charming.' The gender-neutral name leans more toward boys than girls.
  • Hiromi Generous beauty. That's the definition of Hiromi. This unisex name is of Japanese origin.
  • Jamil/Jamila The masculine name Jamil and the feminine moniker Jamila express beauty. These Arabic names work perfectly for a set of boy and girl twins. Variants of the name include Jameel and Jameela.
  • Kazumi If you're looking for a gender-neutral name, consider Kazumi. This name originates from Japan and symbolizes ‘harmony, beauty, and peace.'
  • Kitoko Kitoko conveys beauty. It's a splendid choice for a boy or girl. Pronounced KIYTOWKow, this moniker has African roots.
  • Kumi Kumi is a cute genderless name of Japanese origin. Parents in Australia, Canada, Finland, Ghana, Hong Kong, South Africa, and New Zealand favor the name.
  • Mekanani Mekanani means ‘beautiful eyes.' This melodic Hawaiian-origin name is perfect for a male or female.
  • MemphisMemphis is a cool name derived from an Egyptian word exemplifying ‘enduring beauty.' Also, this gender-fluid moniker comes from the name of a city in ancient Egypt and also Tennessee.
  • Minenhle Minehle is an African-origin moniker. From the Zulu words, imini and hle, Minenhle means ‘good, lovely, or beautiful day.'
  • Namilani Namilani is a unique Hawaiian unisex name. This cute name means ‘beautiful heaven.'
  • Nohea Nohea is another sweet-sounding Hawaiian-origin name. Variants of this moniker include Naha and Nohe.
  • Noy A rhythmic equivalent of the word joy, Noy has undeniable charm. This adorable unisex moniker has Hebrew roots.
  • Oregon Oregon is a Native American name. It comes from the Algonquin word for beauty (wauregan).
  • Quetzal Quetzal is a rare androgynous name. The Aztec moniker gets its inspiration from a bird covered in beautiful feathers. Quetzal also refers to the Guatemalan national bird and currency.
  • Rumi Rumi is a Japanese name. It also has Indian roots. The gender-fluid moniker became popular after parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z, named their twin girl Rumi.
  • U'ilani Enunciated oo-ee-LA-nee, the moniker Uʻilani translates to ‘royal or heavenly beauty.' It is a gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin.
  • Yoshie ‘Beautiful, fragrant, and virtuous' defines Yoshie. The Japanese-origin moniker works for boys and girls.
  • Yu – Yu Jie means ‘lovely and pure' in Chinese. The name works for males and females and sometimes has a hyphen between Yu and Jie.
  • ZuriZuri is a sweet-sounding name for a boy or a girl. The name is of Kiswahili origin.

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