Zuri is a sweet baby name for boys and girls. The name Zuri is also one that is equally strong and gentle. Read on to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Zuri:

Kiswahili for “good, beautiful”.

Origin of the name Zuri:

Zuri is a name that is backed with East African origins. The baby name Zuri is found in the Kiswahili language. Additionally, it is rare to find the name in-use beyond this region.

Symbolism of the name Zuri:

Zuri is a name that symbolizes beauty and all that comes with it. It is a name that speaks of something pure and untainted.

Style of the name Zuri:


Gender of the name Zuri:

Zuri is a baby name seen as a unisex choice.

Pronunciation of the name Zuri:


Number of syllables in the name Zuri:


Emotion evoked from the name Zuri:

Zuri is a remarkable name that evokes feelings of purity, gentleness, and care.

Alternative spellings for the name Zuri:

There are no popular alternate spellings for the baby name Zuri.

Nicknames for the name Zuri:

  • ZiZi
  • Zi

Popularity of the name Zuri:

Zuri recently became a popular name in the 2000s. Based on data from the Social Security Administration, Zuri ranked its highest so far in 2021 when it landed at #207.

Related names for the name Zuri:

  • Suri
  • Kiri
  • Sami
  • Lori
  • Yuri
  • Ari
  • Uri
  • Ceri

Great middle names for Zuri and their meanings:


  • Asha (hope; life)
  • Behati (blessed; she who brings happiness)
  • Nyala (mountain goat)
  • Eshe (life)
  • Marjani (coral)
  • Sena world’s beauty, grace; to praise; army; bringing heaven to earth)
  • Kia (season’s beginning)
  • Nya (tenacity)


  • Zaire (the river that swallows all rivers)
  • Ayan (fortune)
  • Taye (he has been seen)
  • Massai (owner of land and farms)
  • Mandla (strength)
  • Obi (heart)
  • Kano (the god of the waters)
  • Barack (thunderbolt, lightning; blessing)

Famous people with the name Zuri:

  • Zuri Tibby (American fashion model)
  • Zuri Hall (American TV host)
  • Zuri Lawrence (Amerian boxer)

Zuris in movies/pop culture:

  • Zuri (a character in Marvel Comics and the film Black Panther)
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