Every thinks their daughter is the most beautiful baby in the world. So give her a name that reflects that notion. Here is a list of 25 girl names that mean beautiful. Select from more common options like Bella to more unusual names list Calliope. All are inspiring — and all mean “beautiful.” Take a look!

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  • AlinaAlina, meaning “bright, beautiful”, is a gentle name with Slavic origins, and it works as a unique variation of the traditional, yet still appealing, “Helen” name.
  • AstridAstrid, Scandinavian for “divinely beautiful”, is a great choice for parents who may want to represent their Old Norse roots.
  • BellaBella, Italian for “beautiful”, is a classic given name choice that can also work out well as an alternative too or nickname for “Isabella”.
  • BonnieBonnie, meaning “beautiful, cheerful”, is such a cute-sounding name that has historic Scottish roots that easily cross cultures around the world.
  • CallieCallie, with Greek origins meaning “beautiful”, is an adorable name that parents can also spell in the trendier manner of “Cali”.
  • CalliopeCalliope, meaning “beautiful voice”, is a great choice for lovers of Greek mythology as it represents the muse of epic poetry.
  • CallistaCallista, Greek for “most beautiful”, is a nice option, especially when you have a baby boy or a male relative with the name of “Calixto” since they go together well.
  • Caoimhe Caoimhe, with Scottish, Gaelic, and Irish origins meaning “beautiful”, is a distinctive name that can also be spelled “Keeva” to make it easier for non-Irish natives to pronounce.
  • Cosima Cosima, meaning “order, beauty”, is an elegant choice that is also fitting for a pair of boy and girl twins with the male name being “Cosmo”.
  • Fritha Fritha, Old Norse for “fair, beautiful”, has a distinctive feel about it that is also soft enough to properly represent a sweet baby girl.
  • IngridIngrid, meaning “fair; Ing is beautiful”, is a great choice for parents that want their baby girl to have a more classic name.
  • Jamilla Jamilla, meaning “beautiful, graceful”, is a soft-sounding name that still has a stylish feel to it.
  • Mabs Mabs, meaning “beautiful lover”, is a unique option instead of going with the traditional given name of “Mabel” or “Amabel”.
  • Mei Mei, meaning “beautiful”, has strong Chinese and Hawaiian origins used largely in those cultures while still fitting in families across the world.
  • Mika Mika, Japanese for “beautiful fragrance”, translates well among English-speaking cultures, and it also works well to pay homage to male relatives with the similar name of “Mikael”.
  • Nomi Nomi, meaning “beautiful, pleasant, delightful”, has great Japanese and Hebrew roots that is just the right level of distinctive while still being accessible among various cultures.
  • Rosabel Rosabel, meaning “beautiful rose”, is a cute English name that is equal parts vintage and fashionable rather than choosing “Isabel” or “Rosabella”.
  • ShainaShaina, meaning “beautiful”, is a charming name used largely among Jewish communities thanks to its Hebrew roots.
  • Tove Tove, with Old Norse roots for “beautiful”, offers a modern variation for parents that want to pay homage to their own roots with an updated twist.
  • Tuva Tuva, meaning “beautiful”, is a nice Norwegian and Swedish variation of “Tove”, and it tends to be a bit more popular and widely used in Scandinavia.
  • Yaffa Yaffa, Hebrew for “beautiful”, offers a modern translation for “Shayna”, a traditional Yiddish word.
  • Xin Xin, Chinese for “beautiful, elegant”, is an attractive given name that is primarily used amongst Chinese communities rather than the other cultures.
  • Zaraith Zaraith, meaning “princess or beautiful”, is a gorgeous Arabic name when parents want something that is a touch unique.
  • Zerlin Zerlin, Arabic for “beautiful dawn”, is a unique way to refer to the new chapter in your life that comes with your gorgeous baby girl.
  • ZuriZuri, with African, Kiswahili roots for “good, beautiful”, is a soft and gentle name with a simple meaning.

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