The ocean is known for its beauty, its calming effects, its fluidity … so many beautiful qualities come to mind when you think about the sea. Here is a list of baby names that mean ocean, with options for both boys and girls. Take a look and consider one of these names for your little one!

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  • Asherah Asherah is an ancient name for a Sumerian goddess. Meaning “she who treads on the sea”, it is a perfect name for a baby girl born under a water sign.
  • Avisa Avisa is a pretty name backed by Sanskrit origins. It has powerful meanings such as “sky; ocean; king; life giving”.
  • Bahari Bahari is a strong African name. It fits a future water-loving baby thanks to its meaning of “sea man”.
  • Caspian Caspian is a unique name choice for parents that want an ocean-based name and also a place name. It's the name of the large sea that rests between Europe and Asia.
  • Coast Coast is a bold unisex name choice if you want a place name. It fits a baby destined to grow up by the beach as it means “land near the sea”.
  • Deniz Deniz is a Turkish gender-neutral name that works as a fashionable, popular option. The name simply means “sea”.
  • Edmar Edmar is a boy's name that comes from Old English origins. This works as a cool, vintage choice that means “wealthy sea”.
  • Firth Firth is a cool Scottish name that works for both boys and girls. It's a distinctive option for a given name that means “estuary or arm of the sea”.
  • Hafthor Hafthor offers a completely unique and stylish option that comes from Old Norse origin. It's a powerful option that means “one who thunders in the ocean”.
  • Hali Hali comes from Greek culture and is used for boys and girls alike. Meaning “the sea”, it's a simple, yet attractive, choice.
  • Heimoana Heimoana is a unisex name found in Tahitian and Maori cultures. It means “crown of the ocean; of the ocean”.
  • KaiKai is a popular Hawaiian name that easily crosses the culture boundaries as well as being a gender-neutral option. Meaning “sea”, this name takes simplicity and elevates it wonderfully.
  • Kaimana Kaimana is a graceful unisex Hawaiian name. This unique choice means “the power of the ocean”.
  • Lir Lir is a strong Irish name. It works for those seeking a mythological name as it's the name of the Irish sea god.
  • Marinell Marinell is a Latin name that works with boys and girls. It means “knight of the sea; from the sea”.
  • MerylMeryl is typically used for girls, but it can fit boys as well. Backed by English origins, it means “shining sea”.
  • MorganMorgan is a stylish unisex name with Welsh origins. It means “sea-born, sea strong, or sea circle”.
  • Morwenna Morwenna is a classic and strong Welsh name for girls. This is a good vintage option that means “waves of the sea”.
  • Neri Neri is a beautiful name with both Hebrew and Greek origins. Meaning “burning light or ocean spirit”, this name has a nice modern feel to it even with its classic roots.
  • OceanOcean is a nature name that has a gender-neutral feel to it. This has a great amount of depth to it, and given the name, it is fitting for parents who want their baby to represent the tremendous body of water.
  • Oki Oki is an appealing name with Japanese origins. It's a good straightforward name choice that means “ocean centered”.
  • Samudra Samudra is a Hindu name used mainly for boys. It is a handsome option that means “ocean”.
  • Tasi Tasi is of Chamoru origins that is used as a gender-neutral option. This name means “sea or ocean”.
  • Umiko Umiko is a pleasant Japanese name. This is a great option for parents who hope for a baby that loves the beach and the ocean as it means “child of the sea”.
  • Zealand Zealand is an English place name that sounds cool when used for boys and girls. It means “sea land”.

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