Morgan is a unisex Welsh baby name that means “sea circle” or “sea born”. Morgan was at the height of its popularity in the 1990’s for both genders but is less popular now. Still, with namesakes like Morgan Freeman and Morgan le Fey the name will never go entirely out of fashion.

Meaning of the name Morgan:

Welsh: sea circle or sea born

Origin of the name Morgan:

Morgan is a Welsh, French, and English given name that is derived from the Old Welsh surname Morcant. The name means “sea circle” or “sea born”.

Symbolism of the name Morgan:

Water is often associated with emotions. The sea is vast and deep and never still and symbolizes the strongest emotions.

Style of the name Morgan:


Gender of the name Morgan:

Morgan is a baby name that is given to both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name Morgan:

MAWR-gən (English), MAWR-GAN (French)

Number of syllables in the name Morgan:


Emotion evoked from the name Morgan:

Morgan evokes feelings of seriousness and wisdom.

Alternative spellings for the name Morgan:

Morgyn, Morgaine, Morgen

Nicknames for the name Morgan:

  • Mor
  • Ganny

Popularity of the name Morgan:

According to the Social Security Administration, Morgan is a popular unisex baby name. As a girl’s name, Morgan was in the top 100 names between 1987 and 2012. As a boy’s name, Morgan has gone up and down in popularity since 1900. It peaked at #263 in 1995.

Related names for the name Morgan:

Great middle names for the name Morgan and their meanings:


  • Mercer (a merchant)
  • Ford (dweller at the ford)
  • Shepard (sheep herder)
  • Corbett (raven)
  • Rowe (famous throughout the land)


Famous people with the name Morgan:

  • Morgan York (American actress)
  • Morgan Tuck (American basketball player)
  • Morgan Freeman (American actor)
  • Morgan Cox (American football player)

Morgans in popular culture:

  • Morgan le Fey (media, Arthorian legends)
  • Morgan Hess (film, “Signs”)
  • Morgan Matthews (television, “Boy Meets World”)
  • Morgan Tookers (television, “The Mindy Project”)