If you're looking for a meaningful and impactful moniker for your little one, consider one of these baby names that mean spirit. From Ruhi to Ugo to Hania and beyond, each is unique and beautiful. Peruse the options — for both boys and girls — and find the perfect fit for your little one.

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  • Shen The name Shen means “spirit, deep through.” The name is of Chinese origin. It is rarely heard of in the U.S. but is a popular name in China.
  • Atmavira A four-syllable name for girls that means “one who has a strong soul.” Girls with this name are said to be brave and generous with other people.
  • WrenA name with dark undertones, Wren means “free spirit.” It is of Welsh origin, a unisex name for girls and boys. People named Wren are said to be balanced and enjoy helping others.
  • Eeli This gender-neutral name means “to ascend uplifted soul and spirit.” It is of Indian origin.
  • Cade A strong, bold name commonly used for boys but suitable to name a girl, Cade means “spirit.” It is of Welsh origin.
  • Ruhi Ruhi means “one who has a beautiful soul” or “spiritual.” It is a Muslim baby name.
  • Mahatma: name is of Indian origin. It means “great-souled” and is often used in Sanskrit.
  • Aksa This gender-neutral name is most often used as a name for boys. It is of Indian origin and means “soul, spirit.”
  • Ekatma This name for boys means “one spirit.” It has Native American origin.
  • Adbeel The name Adbeel means “grieved by God.” It is a dark name for boys of Hebrew origin, used one time in the Bible. Parents can pick this name when they want something original.
  • Hania A name meaning “spirit warrior,” Hania is of Native American origin. The three-syllable name is unique and playful.
  • Alastor A Greek boy's name meaning “avenging a spirit,” It is also the name of one of the most powerful OverLords of Hell. This name is great for parents looking for something dark and mysterious.
  • Jing Thia name means “still, gentle, spirit.” The name is of Chinese origin and is not often used in the U.S.
  • Aatma This name means “soul, the light of the Lord, a deeply felt emotion. It is of Indian origin and rarely heard in the U.S.
  • Farvardin This name means “one who protects the good and the pure.” It is of Persian origin and a unisex name choice.
  • Cyrene This name has a Greek origin. It means “strong spirit.”
  • Achak This name has Native American origins. It means “spirit.” It is a good name choice for parents wanting originality.
  • Spirit Parents can name their child Spirit for a straightforward name of gender-neutral usage.
  • Kotori A beautiful name for girls meaning “screech owl spirit,” Kotori has Native American origins.
  • Ugo The name Ugo means “mind, spirit.” It has an Italian origin.
  • Dusa A gender-neutral name, Dusa has Czech origin. It means “soul spirit.” This is a unique and simple two-syllable name.
  • Enyd Enyd means “spirit soul or life.” It has Welsh and Celtic origin.
  • CadenThis name is of Welsh origin. It is modern and fun and has a name that isn't overly used. It means “spirit of battle,” the perfect name for a new bouncy baby boy.
  • Wanageeska This unusual name for boys means “white spirit.” It is of native American origin.
  • Amaris This name is often used for girls. It is a cute and unique name meaning “given by God.” It has Hebrew origins.

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