Whether you're looking for a name that means ghost, spirit, or spiritual guide, each of these baby names that mean ghost will fit the bill. Select a masculine name, a feminine name, or a unisex baby name — all of which are included here. Take a look!

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  • Imamu Imamu means “spiritual guide.” It has a Swahili origin and can be used as a gender-neutral name for girls and boys.
  • Abir This cool name is unusual, but means “ghost or spirit,” so it suffices well for boys and girls. The name has Hebrew origins.
  • Div This dark name means “evil spirit.” It's a suitable name choice for anyone seeking a simple, yet ghostly name for a girl or boy.
  • Tormey Meaning “thunder spirit,” this Irish name for boys or girls is unique and fun to say.
  • Yeuri A name from Japanese origins, Yeuri is non-binary so it works as a name for a girl or boy. It simply means “ghost.”
  • Dusa This name has Czech origins. It is commonly given to a boy but can also serve as a name for girls. The name Dusa means “spirit.”
  • Kotori A Native American name meaning “spirit,” it's commonly given to girls but can serve as a gender-neutral name for boys as well.
  • Keres This deep, dark name means “God of violent death or ghost.” It originates from Greek mythology.
  • Spirit The name Spirit can be used as a name for a boy or a girl. It embodies the characteristics of a ghost and is unique and fun.
  • BradyThe name Brady means “spirited.” It's a common name that was used as a boy's name only at one time. That's changed and now the name works as a unisex choice for a boy or a girl.
  • Huet This name means “warrior spirit, kindred soul.” It is an English name, unique in its usage.
  • Tien A name of Korean origin, Tien means “spirit.” It is commonly used as a name for boys and girls in Korea.
  • Nirvana This name means “extension of the soul.” It's the name of one of the most popular grunge bands of the 1990s and can work as a name for boys or girls.
  • Roho The unisex name Roho has Swahili origins. It means “spirit or ghost.” Roho is easy to say and spell and definitely gets attention.
  • Mamau A great three-syllable name meaning “ghost,” the name Mamau has a Basque language background.
  • Banafrit This name for a girl or boy means “beautiful soul.” It has Egyptian origins.
  • WrenThe name of a popular bird with a meaning “free spirit.” It can be used as a name for a boy or girl.
  • Du'uan This name means “kindred spirit or soul.” It has a Serbian origin with impressive originality and uniqueness as a name for boys or girls.
  • Kamali This name for girls or boys means “spirit guide, protector.” The name has Arabic origins.
  • Cade Given this name to a girl or boy. It means “ghost” and has Welsh origins.
  • Rei This name means “God's spirit.” It is a good name for a boy or girl if you want a one-syllable name that means ghost. It has Japanese origins.
  • Hototo — This Native American name means “spirit warrior.”
  • Salik This Muslim name means “follower of a spiritual path.” It can be given to a boy or girl.
  • Ling The name Ling originates from native American heritage. It means “a chime of the spirits.” Use the name for a boy or a girl.
  • Drogo The name Drogo means “ghost or phantom. It is of Anglo-Saxon origin.

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