Swahili is the language spoken in several East African nations, including Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. It's an ancient language originating some 3,000 years ago. That said, this list of Swahili baby names is filled with many rich and long-standing names with deep meaning and a nod to the tradition of the language. Take a look and find the most meaningful name for your child.

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  • AliShort and simple, the name Ali is a unisex name of Arabic and Swahili origin. It means supreme or ‘exalted one.'
  • Amana Amana is an attractive Swahili name for a boy or girl. It refers to a ‘warrior who is faithful at heart' or ‘loyal warrior.'
  • Amani The name Amani is perfect for a little prince or princess. It is of Arabic and Swahili origin and translates to harmony or peace.
  • Angaza Angaza is a gender-neutral option given to babies in Swahili-speaking communities. Pronounced an-GAH-zah, the name is associated with illumination.
  • Anza Anza is a unisex name of Swahili and Tanzanian origin. It means ‘to begin or start.'
  • Asili The gender-neutral name Asili means native. It is of Swahili origin and pronounced ah-SEE-lee.
  • Azize If you're looking for a unisex name worthy of your little darling, Azize is a great option. The Swahili name is pronounced ah-ZEEZ, which means valuable.
  • Bora The name Bora has roots in several languages, including Sanskrit, Slavic, and Swahili. It is a gender-neutral moniker that means excellent.
  • Busu In Swahili-speaking communities, Busu means kiss. It is a lovely African name given freely to babies of either gender.
  • Enzi Enzi is a Swahili name suitable for a male or female. It means power or might. Enzi is also the short form of the Swahili names Mapenzi and Kipenzi. Other variations include Enze, Enzy, Enzie, and Enzee.
  • Feruzi Feruzi is pronouced feh-ROO-zee. It is a gender-neutral Kenyan moniker of Swahili origin. The name references the color turquoise.
  • Hasani – The names Hasani and Hasan are used interchangeably to refer to a person who is ‘good-looking or handsome.' It comes from the Swahili language and is given to baby boys and girls.
  • Imani Imani means faith or belief. Although the moniker is generally assigned to girls, some parents find it a suitable boy's name, too. It is of Eastern African, Arabic, and Swahili origin.
  • Jauhar The name Jauhar may look difficult to pronounce but it isn't. It comes from Sanskrit and Swahili languages and is pronounced jau-HAHR. This unisex name means jewel.
  • Jelani Jelani is one of those gender-neutral names that grows in popularity each year. Of Arabic and Swahili heritage, the name means ‘strong and powerful.' Variants include Jelanee, Jelaney, Jelanie, and Jelany.
  • Jina The name Jina is rooted in several languages. It is fitting for a male or a female. In Swahili, the interpretation means victorious.
  • Kamili Kamili is a gorgeous, gender-neutral name. It is of African-Swahili origin and means perfect. The name is a variant of the Arabic moniker Kamil, which means satisfactory, complete, or exact.
  • Kenyatta The name Kenyatta is primarily used as a boy's name in the continent of Africa. But in the United States, the Swahili moniker is also given to females.
  • Kito The Swahili moniker Kito (KEE toh) is a unisex name that means gem. It is primarily given to babies in East Africa.
  • Mosi/Mosiya The names Mosi and Mosiya can be used to name a boy or a girl. These gender-neutral monikers have Swahili origin and mean first-born.
  • Nuru Nuru comes has roots in the Swahili language. The name, which means light or filled with light, is suitable for both males and females.
  • Penha Penha is a gender-neutral moniker derived from Swahili heritage. It is a variant of the name Penda and means beloved.
  • Russom Russom is a unisex moniker that comes from the Swahili language. It means boss or ‘one who is a leader.'
  • Shani The name Shani is of Hebrew and Swahili origin. It is given to either gender and means wonderful.
  • Uzuri Uzuri is a unisex moniker of Swahili origin. It has various spellings and means beauty or goodness.

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