From Jengo to Daudi and beyond, this list of Swahili baby names for boys is filled with a variety of masculine options. Explore the meanings of each, which all pay homage to this ancient language, and select a handsome name for your son.

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  • Adumu Adumu is a Swahili name that translates to Adam. It is also a traditional African dance performed by tribes in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Akil Akil is a charming two-syllable boy's name. It is of Swahili origin and means learned or wise.
  • Alimayu Alimayu is a boy's name of Arabic and Swahili origin. It means ‘God is honored.'
  • Bahati The name Bahati is perfect for a little boy. It comes from the Swahili language meaning noble.
  • Bakari Bakari is an African boy's name. In Swahili, the name refers to ‘one who will succeed.'
  • Barack The boy's name Barack became popular after Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States. It's also the name of a valiant warrior from the Bible. It is of Hebrew, African, and Swahili origin and means blessing.
  • Bomani Bomani is a rhythmic and strong option for a boy's name. It is of Arabic and Swahili origin and means ‘mighty soldier.'
  • Daudi The moniker Daudi is a boy's name that means beloved. It is of Swahili origin.
  • Haji- is an African boy's name. In Swahili languages, the moniker refers to ‘one who is born during the pilgrimage to Mecca.'
  • Haki- Swahili-speaking communities, Haki means truth. It is a perfect two-syllable name for baby boys.
  • Hodari Hodari is a masculine name meaning strong. It is of Swahili origin.
  • JabariIf you are expecting to raise a brave boy, consider naming him Jabari. This masculine Swahili name means fearless.
  • Jahi The moniker Jahi is a traditional masculine Swahili name. It means dignified, making it a great option for boys parents hope will grow up to become great role models.
  • Jata popular in Swahilian communities, the name Jata means ‘celestial star. It is a masculine moniker.
  • Jengo Jengo is a boy's name of Swahili origin. It comes from the word Kujenga, which means to build or construct.
  • Kobe Made popular by the basketball player Kobe Bryant this moniker is of Swahili language. Although Bryant's mother got the inspiration for Kobe's name from a Japanese steak house, the name is rooted in the Swahili language and means tortoise.
  • Muhammed- masculine moniker name Muhammed originated from Arabic and Swahili cultures. It means praiseworthy. Variant spellings include Mohammed and Muhammad.
  • Omari is a Swahili boy's name. It is a variant of the Arabic moniker Umar means ‘God the highest.'
  • Radhi The name Radhi is a boy's name pronounced RAA-DHHiy. It's rooted in African and Swahili languages and means forgiveness.
  • Sadeeki/Sadiki- sah-dee-key, this boy's name comes from Swahili heritage. It refers to a person who is faithful or loyal.
  • Tendaji is a feisty name for an ambitious kid with a hopeful future. The masculine moniker is of Swahili origin and translates to ‘makes things happen.'
  • Tumaini Tumaini is a stylish Swahili name. It is a masculine moniker that means hope.
  • Yazeed/Yazid- name Yazeed has Swahili and Arabic origin. It refers ‘to becoming greater.'
  • Zayn Zayn is a Swahili boy's name of Arabic origin. It means noble and has many spelling variations include Zane and Zayne.
  • Zvi Africa the name Zvi (ZViy) is a boy's name. The Swahili translation means good.

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