Expecting a son? Then you'll want to peruse this list of Portuguese baby names for boys. From Gregorio to Miguel to Andre, there is a vast array of options from which to choose. Take a look!

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  • Amancio The name Amancio is a masculine moniker. It is of Portuguese origin and means loving.
  • AndreThis masculine moniker means ‘strong and manly.' It has a French and Portuguese origin.
  • Angelino The name Angelino has roots in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian languages. It means messenger.
  • Bernado Bernado is the Portuguese version of Bernard. It is a boy's name, which means ‘strong as a bear.'
  • Caetano The masculine name Caetano is the Portuguese form of the Italian moniker Gaetano. It refers to a person from Caieta, which is now a town called Gaeta in Southern Italy.
  • Damiao Damiao, which means ‘to tame' in Portuguese, is derived from Old Greek origins. It is a variation of the boy's name Damian.
  • Duarte Duarte is a masculine Portuguese name that means ‘wealthy guardian.' It is the English version of the moniker Edward.
  • Eleuterio Eleuterio is a boy's moniker of Portuguese origin. The name means free.
  • FernandoFernando is a pared-down version of the name Ferdinand. It is of Spanish and Portuguese origin and means ‘bold voyager.'
  • Gaulter/Gaultier The name Gaulter has its roots in Portuguese. It is a derivation of the German name Walther, which means ‘ruler of the army.'
  • GregorioGregorio is the Portuguese variant of Gregory. The name means ‘watchful and vigilant.'
  • Jose Widely used in Portuguese communities, the name Jose translates to ‘God will increase.' It is a Portuguese and Spanish variant of the Hebrew moniker Joseph.
  • LeonardoLeonardo is the Portuguese form of the moniker Leonard. The name translates to ‘bold lion' or ‘brave as a lion.
  • Luciano Pronounced LUC-ee-an-o, this moniker originates from Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish languages. This masculine name evolved from Lucianus and Lucius and means ‘the light of the day.'
  • Marcelo The moniker Marcelo originates from the Latin language. It is the Portuguese and Spanish version of the name Marcellus, which means ‘little warrior.'
  • MiguelMiguel is a Portuguese and Spanish moniker that has been popular for centuries. It is a variant of Michael and translates to ‘which man is like God?'
  • Nelio Nelio is a boy's name of Portuguese and Spanish origin. The meaning of the name is champion.
  • Nicolao The name Nicolao is a Portuguese moniker that means ‘victory of the people.' It is a masculine name of Portuguese origin.
  • Osvaldo Osvaldo is a masculine moniker fit for a leader. It has origins in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian cultures and means ‘divine ruler.'
  • Quintino The masculine moniker Quintino has roots in Portuguese, Italian, and French languages. Since the name refers to the ‘fifth son' or ‘born in the fifth month,' it is generally given to boys who fall into one or both categories.
  • RamiroThe name Ramiro is a boy's name. It is of Portuguese origin and means ‘great judge.'
  • TomasTomas is a masculine moniker meaning twin. It is of Portuguese and German origin.
  • Tonio Tonio isn't just a short form of the moniker Antonio. It is a Portuguese boy's name which means ‘priceless one.'
  • Zeusef The name Zeusef comes from Hebrew origins. It is a variant of Joseph and is mainly given to boys in Portuguese-speaking communities.
  • Zorion The meaning behind the name Zorion will make you smile. It is a masculine moniker of Portuguese origin that means happy.

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