Miguel is a Spanish that gained in popularity quickly in America. As of 2020, it is a top 200 name option, common among parents of every culture. It comes from the English and Biblical Michael.

Meaning of the name Miguel:

Spanish: who is like God?

Origin of the name Miguel:

Miguel is the Spanish version of Michael. Michael comes from the Hebrew name Mikha'el. Michael was an archangel in the Bible, said to protect Israel in the book of Daniel. The name spread throughout the world due to the Christian religion. Eventually, the Spanish made their version through Miguel.

Symbolism of the name Miguel:

The baby name Miguel means “who is like God?” This meaning is the same as that of Michael. It is also what the ancient Hebrew Mikha'el translates to.

Style of the name Miguel:


Gender of the name Miguel:

Miguel is an international name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Miguel:


Number of syllables in the name Miguel:


Emotion evoked from the name Miguel:

Miguel feels tropical and mature. It is a wholesome name that feels kind-hearted.

Alternative spellings for the name Miguel:

  • Miguell
  • Miguael
  • Miguaell
  • Miguail
  • Miguaill
  • Miguayl
  • Miguayll

Nicknames for the name Miguel:

  • Mig
  • Miggie
  • Miggy
  • Miggi
  • Guel
  • Iggy
  • El

Popularity of the name Miguel:

Miguel has been a top 500 name in America since 1922 when it was ranked number 485. The name became a top 200 option in 1969 at number 198. In 1990, it became a top 100 name, lasting in that place until 2007. As of 2020, Miguel is still a top 200 option at rank 188.

Related names for the name Miguel:

Great middle names for Miguel and their meanings:

  • Adrian (son of Adria)
  • Tomas (twin)
  • Carlos (free man)
  • Antonio (priceless one, highly praiseworthy)
  • Javier (castle, new house)
  • Raul (wolf counsel)
  • Hugo (mind, spirit, heart)
  • Pablo (small, humble)

Famous people with the name Miguel:

Miguels in popular culture:

  • Miguel (character from “The Road to El Dorado”)
  • Miguel (character from “Maya & Miguel”)
  • Miguel Bain (character from “Assassins”)
  • Miguel Cruz (character from “Nurse Jackie”)
  • Miguel Sandoval (character from “Law and Order: SVU”)
  • Miguel Guerrero (character from “The Purge”)