If you're looking for an inspiring and feminine name for your daughter, this list of girl names that mean miracle is filled with a bevy of delightful options. Explore the names included, including their meanings, and select the perfect option for your daughter.

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  • ArabellaArabella is an old-fashioned Latin name for a baby girl that has been wished and prayed for a long time. Bella is a favorite nickname. A very fitting name for a “miracle” baby.
  • Alasne This girl's name of Spanish origin means “miracle”. It was taken from the traditional name of Alazne of the Basque people.
  • Althea Althea is a Greek name for girls that means “healing powers” or “miracles”. Derived from the Greek word ‘althos’ meaning ‘healing.’
  • Ayah This is an Arabic girl's name that is popular in Spain, Belgium, and France. Meaning “miracle” or “sign from God” is first meant “verse in the Islamic Quran.”
  • CelesteCeleste is a beautiful baby girl name. Coming from Latin origin, it can mean “heavenly” or “miracle from heaven”.
  • DeannaThis pretty girl's name originated from Latin and is popular in the English language. A variant of the Moon goddess, Diana, means fertility and divinity in Roman mythology.
  • Dalila Similar to Delila or Delilah, this is a female name of Swahili Origin. A lovely name that means “a sign of the gods”.
  • Dionne Dionne is of the Greek origin of Dione. It is also used as a French variance and is a popular name for a girl. It is also used by the English as a unisex name and means “divine”.
  • DorotheaDorothea is a version of Dorthy and is of the feminine version of Theodore, or Thaddeus. Meaning “gift from God”, it is of Greek origin.
  • EvelynThis beautiful Victorian baby girl's name is in accordance with the wishes and miracle of a small new child. Several nicknames can be adopted under this formal name, such as Eve, Evie, Eva, and Lyn.
  • Gia Gia is a cute sweet girl's name that is Italian in origin. It has gained popularity since the turn of the century and means “God's gracious gift”.
  • Harika Harika is of Arabic origin and is a sweet name for a baby girl. Meaning “wonderful, miracle, or beautiful”, it is also a popular name of Turkey.
  • Janet Janet is a variation of Jeannette, a derivative of Joan and another feminization of the name John. In Hebrew it means “God's gracious gift”.
  • Marvella This pretty female name comes from the Latin word mirabilia, meaning “wonderful things”. The synonym of marvel is a miracle, making this a special baby name for a newborn.
  • Nadira Nadira is a native Arabic name and is used for baby girls. This lovely name is also popular in Turkey, although rare. The ancient meaning is “miracles”.
  • Nasya Nasya or Nasia is a Hebrew girl's name that has several meanings. “Born on Christmas day”, “miracle” or “miracle of Yaweh” is the most common. It is believed that Natalie is a variation of this pretty name.
  • Ohanna Hebrew and meaning “God's gracious gift, it is used sparingly among the religious groups to hail praise to a remarkable “miracle”. It is only used in the name of a baby girl about 3 times per year.
  • Orella An Italian female name, Orella means “golden”, but was originally from the Latin language. Its true meaning is “miracle”. If you are looking for a sweet name that is selected by a few, this is a good name to choose.
  • Pella Pella is a Hebrew baby girl name. Its roots come from Ella that take different forms around the world. The meaning is “marvel of God” or “miracle”.
  • RhiannonRhiannon is a girl's name of Welsh origin. According to Celtic legend, Rhiannon's birds sang more sweetly than others and the meaning became “divine Queen” or miraculous”.
  • SineadA well known Irish girl's name, Sinead is the Irish form of Janet and means “God's gracious gift.
  • TheaThis name is the short version of Dorthea and means “miracle”. Of Greek origin, this female name also means “gift from God”.
  • TiffanyTiffany is a dazzling name that has become popular throughout the years. Of Greek origin, it is an honor to give this name to a newborn that means “God's appearance or “miracle of God”.
  • Winifred Winifred has various meanings depending on the nationality where used. An old English and Welsh Christian name, it is of the feminine gender and means “holy, blessed reconciliation, or joy and peace” in addition to “miracles”.
  • Zevadiah Often called Zev for short, this female name comes from Hebrew origin and means “God's gift”

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