If you consider your daughter to be a gift from above, then bestow upon her a moniker that quite literally means as much. This list of girl names that mean gift from God is filled with beautiful feminine names — each more intriguing than the next. Take a look and then do your best to select just one!

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  • SineadThis name means “God is gracious.” It has Irish origins. Singer Sinead O'Connor is the most popular person with this name.
  • BethA shortened version of Elizabeth and a stand-alone name, Beth means “One who comes from the house of gods.” Beth is an English name.
  • Preethi Used mainly by People of the Hindu religion, the Indian name Preethu means “God's gift.” It is a great name for a little girl.
  • DorothyA name popularized by the movie The Wizard of Oz, the name Dorothy is powerful and bold and means “Gift from God.”
  • Giovanna The female deviation of the male name Giovani, the name Giovanna has an Italian origin and means “gracious blessing.”
  • Yoana A one-of-a-kind girl's name, Yoana rolls off the tongue with grace. The name means “God is gracious” and originates in Hebrew.
  • Janina A unique, fun name, Janina has a simple meaning of “Gift from God.” The name originates from Old English.
  • Amarisa A beautiful name for a girl, Amarisa means “Promised by God.” The name originates from Hebrew origin and is a deviation of the boy's name “Amaris.”
  • Gia Gia is short, simple, and playful. The name means God's gracious gift” and has an Italian origin.
  • Alya This sweet name means “Sent from Heaven.” It has Arabic origins.
  • Janet This name means “God's gracious gift.” It has an Old English and Scottish origin. The name started as a pet name for the name Jane.
  • KaitlynThe name Kaitlyn means “One who is pure, joyful, elegant, and kind. It's a name of American origin.
  • JaneThe name Jane means “God is gracious.” The name originated during the mid-16th century.
  • DayshaMeaning “A present from God,” this name perfectly depicts the thoughts parents have of their new arrival.
  • IvanaThis name means “one who is a special gift” or “God is gracious.” The name has Slavic origins.
  • HannahThe name Hannah means “Favor of God.” The Biblical name first appeared in the Old Testament.
  • Dolly Meaning “gift from God, this name has Old English origins. Country music singer Dolly Parton is the most famous person with this name.
  • Jenika Meaning “god's gracious gift,” the name Jenika has Indian origins. It's a great modern and unique name for girls.
  • Myka The female derivation of Mikah, this name means “One who is like God.”
  • Godiva This Old English name means “God's gift.” This name may cause people to instantly think of decadent chocolate with the same name. Expect her to become a sweet and sassy young woman.
  • Naysa A Hebrew name meaning “miracle of God,” Naysa is unique and original
  • Aaliyah — This name has several spelling variations. It originates from Hebrew and means “Gift of God.” We see Aaelyah mentioned numerous times in the Bible.
  • Dolina — This unique Slovakian name means “Gift of God.”
  • Hiba Meaning “God's gift,” this Muslim name is popular in Arab culture, especially for girls who are considered special gifts.
  • Naysa This unique name originates from Hebrew. It means a “miracle of God.”

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