The power to heal and be healed is a tremendous gift. Channel that gift in your child by giving them one of these baby names that mean healing. Each of these baby names is unique and impactful, and each comes from a different origin. Explore these options and find the perfect name for your newborn baby!

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  • Sirona A three-syllable name for girls meaning “healing springs,” Sirona is a cute and unique name of Celtic origin.
  • Vaidya Consider the name Vaidya if you want a name that is unique and professional. Vaidya means “doctor or physician.” It is of Indian origin.
  • Jian Jian means “God is gracious.” This gender-neutral name is often given to children in Christian households. The name is of Hebrew origin.
  • Bliant A Hebrew name for boys, Bliant means “healer.” People named Bliant are often confident, pragmatic, and ambitious.
  • Iyashi This name of Japanese origin means “heal.” It is a common name in Japan but not in the heart of the states. Boys named Iyashi are independent and savvy.
  • Dukun In Sudanese, Dukun means “healer.” The name is perfect for parents who want something fun and original.
  • Helem This unisex baby name means “dreaming, healing.” It has Biblical origins, making the name a good choice for Christians.
  • Reiki Parents looking for a Japanese name will like Reiki. The name is the Japanese spiritual healing practice used by thousands of people. It sounds sweet and subtle and works as a name for boys and girls.
  • Alaunus Alaunus was the name of a Gaulish god of healing and prophecy. The name isn't commonly used, giving it originality. It is a name primarily used for boys.
  • Chiyuadda This name of Korean origin means “healer.” It is said people named Chiyuadda have curious personalities and enjoy nature.
  • Niramaya This is the Bengali word for “healing.” It would be a cute and unique name for a girl and could serve as a name for boys. This name has four syllables.
  • IshaIsha is the Japanese word for “doctor.” It's a cute name for a girl that means “one who protects.” Girls named Isha are strong-willed, practical, and protective of other people.
  • Abeel This name for boys means “in good health.” It is an Arabic/Muslim name.
  • Philisa Philisa means “heal” in Zulu. It is easy to say and rolls off the tongue. Girls named Philisa enjoy a unique name.
  • Daktara In Bangla, Daktara means “doctor.” The name is suitable for a girl when parents want something that isn't widely used.
  • Yuhe The name Yuhe means “heal” in Chinese. The name is suitable for girls and boys. It is not a name often heard of in the United States.
  • Hickey The name Hickey is most commonly a surname but used as a given name as well. Hickey means “healer” and has Irish origin.
  • Remedios This name of Spanish origin means “remedy or help.” It is most commonly a name given to girls.
  • Asa The boy's name Asa means “expert, healer, or an individual born under the morning sun. The name is a scriptural unisex name most often used for girls.
  • Miracle Meaning “divine act,” the name Miracle was the #258 most popular name for girls in 2021. It is a modern, cute name highlighting your feelings about your new pride and joy.
  • Jasim Jasim means “good health.” The name for boys has an Arabic origin. It is not common to hear this name in the United States.
  • Purtab An unusual name for boys meaning “powerful, strong, healthy,” Purtab has Indian origin and it is more popular than in America.
  • Azmina The name Azmina is most often used as a girl's name. It has Spanish origin. It is a cute name given to girls whom one day become powerful leaders with big personalities.
  • Yuvna This two-syllable name for girls has Indian origin. The name means “young, strong, healthy.”
  • Asim This name for boys has Indian origin. It means “protector.” Boys named Asim are often steady and balanced, artistic and creative.

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