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Isha is impressive, elegant, and noble. People admire her confident personality. This is a popular name in the Hindi community, and the name is meaningful and attractive.

Meaning and Origin of the name Isha

Isha is a great name for a baby girl. It has Hindu and Hebrew origins. In Hindu, Isha means “one who protects” and “ruler.” In Hebrew, it means “woman.”

The name Isha means “master” and “lord” in Sanskrit and is an epithet of the Hindu god Shiva. The Hebrew origin of the name Isha comes from the Hebrew word “isha” (meaning “woman”), which is the feminine form of “ish” (meaning “man”). Isha may also have come from the Japanese word for stone, which is “ishi.”

Symbolism of the name Isha

Isha likes to finish whatever she starts. She is loving, compassionate, and intuitive. She is a wonderful humanitarian. Isha is sympathetic and, at times, could get a little touchy. She also tends to be artistic and creative.

Nicknames for the name Isha

Isha is a beautiful name for a baby girl and has a few options for nicknames. You may decide you don't want to use a nickname because it's so beautiful. Just in case you are looking for some nickname options, we have compiled the list below for your review.

  • Ish
  • Ishi
  • Ishi mishi
  • Ishuuu
  • Ih
  • Sha
  • Shay 
  • Ashi

Style of the name Isha


Gender of the name Isha

Isha is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Isha


Number of syllables in the name Isha


Emotion evoked from the name Isha

Isha has a strong sense of independence. She wants to excel at life and tends to be a leader. Isha has a desire for love, wealth, and knowledge. Isha is motivated by dreams. Isha feels like she has many things to accomplish in this lifetime and not a lot of time to do it.

Alternative spellings for the name Isha

  • Esha 
  • Eesha
  • Eshah
  • Eisha

Popularity of the name Isha

Isha came onto the popularity charts in 1960. It stayed steady with a small spike in 1977. Around 1999 the popularity of Isha shot up more the three times the regular level. From there, it leveled off as extremely popular.

  • Ola
  • Allyssa
  • Carolann
  • Fatimah
  • Kaylia
  • Fleurine
  • Jaka
  • Anisha

Great middle names for Isha and their meanings

  • Hadar (splendor, glory)
  • Asa (doctor, healer)
  • Hannah (favor)
  • Brie (marshland)
  • Judy (praised)
  • Poll (wished-for child, rebellion, bitter)
  • Abbey (father of exaltation)
  • Eden (place of pleasure)
  • Joby (persecuted)
  • Ruby (deep red precious stone)

Famous people with the name Isha

  • Isha Sesay (British journalist)
  • Isha Sharvani (Indian dancer)
  • Isha Lakhani (Indian tennis player)
  • Isha Talwar (Indian actress)
  • Isha Judd (writer)
  • Isha Basant Joshi (Indian Administrative Service officer)
  • Isha Chawla (Indian actress)
  • Isha Johansen (Sierra Leonean entrepreneur)
  • Isha Koppikar (Indian actress)
  • Isha Utsav (4-day festival with traditional crafts, meditations, and music)
  • Isha TV (has free movies and videos)
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